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Emilia Romagna

ACMA is a member of Coesia Group. Coesia is a group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy and fully owned by Isabella Seràgnoli. The name ACMA is synonymous with products that have become part of people’s everyday lives and machines that have revolutionized both Italian and worldwide packaging.

ACMA represents more than...

Actia Italia Srl



Electronic monitoring and control devices.

Adelio Lattuada Srl

The wide range of machines Adelio Lattuada Srl produces is the result of more than 30 years of experience, consolidated by a deep technical competency and by a constant contact with customers with different requirements and needs. Their main target is to supply a product conceived in order to solve various processing problems and therefore to obtain the highest possible satisfaction of their...



ADI (Industrial Diamond Application) was founded in 1980 and now, with more than 150 employees, it is a world-wide leader in the diamond tools manufacturing filed for mechanics, glass, stone, ceramic and optic.

ADI’s main features are: flexibility, in-depth knowledge of the industrial diamond application and an excellent capability in research and product development. It is also...


It started production just after the war, as a company to project and modify a wide variety of machines.

After a few years it started its own manufacturing program, in particular GRANULATORS for plastics recycling.

The company began in the historical centre of Besano (VA) village, and gradually developed to reach the actual size of its current location in Barasso (VA) due to the...



The long-standing experience of Aertecnica Croci in the sectors of on-line feedback of plastic film trimmings, grinding, pneumatic conveyance to the extruder and silo stocking and batching is of the utmost importance in continuous cycles, now a vital element in advanced plastic film production.

In order to improve the feedback system, Aertecnica designs, produces and installs all...


Emilia Romagna

AETNA Group SpA produces and sells, on a worldwide basis, stretch film wrapping machinery, bundlers, shrink film wrappers, cartoning and taping machines. The Group counts over 400 employees of which 80 servicemen engaged in the After Sales Department with a yearly turnover of over 85 million Euros.

There are five production plants for the 4 commercial brands: ROBOPAC, ROBOPAC SISTEMI,...


Founded in the early sixties for the manufacturing of polyurethane dosing machines, Cannon Afros is located at Caronno Pertusella, 20 km north of Milan, Italy.

In less than twenty years Cannon Afros has become the world's leading supplier of polyurethane technologies and foaming equipment: mixing-heads, low/high pressure dosing units, turn-key plants for continuous and...