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ACIMIT (the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers) is a private non-profit-making body and its main purpose consists in promoting the Italian textile machinery sector and in supporting its activity, mainly abroad, through the most updated and innovative promotional means, constantly improved during its more than 60 years of life.

In order to promote the Italian textile machinery knowledge throughout the world, ACIMIT gives any kind of information on the activity of the producers and organizes a wide range of promotional activities (such as exhibitions, technical seminars, missions in Italy and abroad, etc.) most of the time in collaboration with ICE (Italian Trade Commission).

Another ACIMIT major aim consists in informing its member companies about commercial, financial, and technical problems which can be found in the different markets in order to facilitate their entry.

In order to further improve the relationships with its members, ACIMIT has set up a sister company named ACIMIT SERVIZI. The main task of this company is to offer a series of services in order to promote and organize textile machinery exhibitions in Italy and abroad and to support Italian textile machinery companies in their participation in these events. In particular, Acimit Servizi has organized the Italian participation to IKME - International Exhibition of Finishing and Knitting Machinery - from November 18 - 22, 2005 in Milan, in order to meet the requirements of finishing and knitting machinery manufacturers for more frequent and closer contact with the market, in addition to ITMA that takes place every four years. Cematex (Comité Européen des Constructeurs de Materiel Textil) decided to sponsor IKME, confirming the importance of this event.

If you need more information about the Italian textile machinery industry, please contact us. We shall be pleased to answer you in a very short time. A CD Rom in English illustrating our technologies, our productions and producers, with an alphabetical listing of the machines manufactured in Italy (in 11 languages) is available upon request - free of charge.

Our address is the following:
Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers
Via Tevere 1, 20123 Milano (ITALY)
TL: ++39 02 46.93.611 FAX: ++39 02
E-MAIL: info [at]
39 (02) 48008342
info [at]