What is affectionately, and proudly, referred to as the “Italian Gelato” field is in actual fact a well-organised, extraordinary and comprehensive whole of production activities, unrivalled across the globe. A splendid example of the best “Made in Italy”.

ACOMAG, the National Association of Gelato Machines, Shop Fittings and Equipment Manufacturers, brings together and represents the main Italian manufacturers. A non-profit association, its main aim is to promote and develop the quality gelato market, both in Italy and abroad.

The companies associated to ACOMAG always operate in full compliance with commercially correct standards of practice, which include:

-        operating in a way that ensure fair competition

-        truthful commercial and advertising documentation

-        clear and trasparent sales conditions

-        an efficiently organised pre and after sale technical support service

-        prompt response to the agreed warranty conditions

The products designed, developed and manufactured by Italian companies associated to ACOMAG represent the state of the art in the industry and comply with international directives in terms of:

-        approval

-        clarity of instructions

-        safety in the work place

-        people’s hygiene and health

-        use of recyclable components

-        safeguarding the environment

All the machines, display cabinets, shop fittings and equipment are manufactured in compliance with the applicable standards, allowing our customers to safely prepare, conserve and serve sweet specialities to the joy of customers of all ages.

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