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Assomac is the national association which aggregates and represents Italian manufacturers of machines and technologies for each phase of management and industrial production of leather - footwear - leather goods - fur - automotive - furniture and clothing.

Assomac's primary goal is the elaboration of field's policies, able to unify and give value to the heritage of competences, professionality and history of our Country, which make "Made with Italian Technology" a guarantee of high qualitative standards and attention to instances of the manufacturing system. Assomac, through its own internal structures, performs the role of monitoring centre for markets, interpreting trends and business scenarios, supporting companies with shared strategic managerial consulting services, financial and window services.

It is not just quality that sets Italian machinery apart from the competition. It is also customization. Italian leather machinery manufacturers work closely with their customers to create products that are “right” for the job, much like the relationship between suppliers and end-users. 

Assomac is part of Confindustria Association system and member of Federmacchine Association.