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Vallero International SpA


Each manufactured product produced by Vallero International Srl holds the history of a firm founded in the year 1847 by the Vallero family, which throughout the decades, were able to hand over from father to son, the secrets of a job in which, even today the handling and skills of the individuals have an incomparable value.
The Vallero family has always cared for the...



Valtorta develops and manufactures mixing equipment, as well as process plants for the chemical industry. We are specialized in the production of machinery for powders and granules, as well as for all liquid and pasty products, characterized by low to medium, ensuring the market a...

Varinelli Officine Meccaniche S.r.l.

VARINELLI co. built the first broaching machines in the early fifties. Generally, they were simple Internal Broaching Machines. These broaching machines were later developed and improved, and today are built for specific industrial sectors and manufacturers of small and medium size. The Western Europe Motorcar Industry, in great evolution from the end of fifties up to sixties, was the vehicle for...

VE.TRA.CO. Group Srl

Founded in 1975, VE.TRA.CO. entered the cosmetic market with a revolutionary powder pressing machine which set the standard in the industry. Based on the manufacturing concept of robust and flexible machines they have been continually enlarging their range of equipment in order to satisfy either small, medium and multinational companies worldwide.

VE.TRA.CO. keeps developing and...


Vega is specialized in the design, construction, sales and services of hydraulic cylinders for application on moulds for plastic materials and die casting. The strategy of Vega aims more at providing application solutions rather than simple products. This means understanding and satisfying specific demands according to the different professional environments in the world of personalised service.


Developing innovative solutions together with our customers. Innovation, process knowledge and application expertise is our philosophy. For over 70 years, Foseco has been at the forefront of foundry process development and has been responsible for major innovations in casting technology such as refractory feeding technology, metal filtration, direct pour technology, die coatings, fluxes, granular...


Emilia Romagna
Viara designs and manufactures industrial machines and complete lines for the production of plastic bags and sheets of different materials and special products. The Viara range of machines is designed to produce small and large bags and sheets (up to eight meters in length) with a 10 to 1200...