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The company was founded in 1957 by Zevio ZAMBELLO – the father of Elio and Alessandro, today’s owners of the company group - and has been involved from the beginning with designing and manufacturing of reduction gearboxes of highest technology. This range in the last decades has gained a prominent position in the field of machinery for plastic materials and for the extrusion in...

Zanasi Srl

Emilia Romagna

Zanasi Srl is a dynamic company, who believes in the research and development in the markers and inks field. The fundamental character of Zanasi is to be a company composed principally by a young and enterprising staff who look after their customers as partners and help them try to solve any problems.

The successful strategy of this company is the competence and the passion of the...

Zani Spa Metal Forming Machines

Zani has been in business since 1955. Our manufacturing facility is located in a small town in Northern Italy, in the province of Como (a few kilometers from Rome) and it covers 20.000 sq. m and employs more than 50 people who work with great care and commitment in the production of customized and standard presses, including integration of coil and transfer feed equipment, in order to meet...


Zanotti company has a great experience and it is synonym of undiscussed quality, reliability and safety in manufacturing refrigerating equipments for food industry. The main business of the company consists of the most appropriate use of "cold" for refrigeration and storage of agro-foodstuffs, drying and seasoning of cold cuts and cheese, grain chilling in silos and truck refrigeration. MARKETS...


Zappettificio Muzzi Soc. Coop. a sr.l. has grown to become an industrial leader, specializing in: blades and knives for tillage equipment, flail mowers, shredders.


Zilli & Bellini manufactures machines for the food industry, including: - automatic rotary telescopic and semi-telescopic fillers - automatic multifillers - linear gravity fillers - rotary gravity fillers, also with vacuum systems and capper monoblock - rotary vacuum fillers with internal and external valves - rotary piston fillers with internal or external pistons - conveyors - seamers The...


Friuli Venezia Giulia