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Flamarplak Snc


Flamarplak’s company produces plates and rollers able to press leather. They have been operating since 1970 into national and international markets. Thanks to a collection of over 2000 patterns Flamarplak has obtained and its always increasing approval, now they are leaders in the field of the production associated with the leather fashions marked by: Made in Italy.

Their plates are realized with use of different materials and different technologies: by the steel or aluminum monobloc or in two materials as well as copper-steel and nickel-steel. Plate size is changing to satisfy every need by the customer: from the small cliché addressed to the sample system till to the right sizes to the biggest flat presses on the market. Since 1992 they have supported the plates production, this of the rollers for continuous rotary presses, developing a collection of patterns able to satisfy all the needs, particularly in furniture field.

Focus Trade Srl


Focus Trade is a young and dynamic company that wants to offer its customers the largest variety of products available on the market for the finishing of the skin and tissues. They have shown in the catalog all types of transfer papers, fusible film and printing plates currently in existence for the production of articles of ready-fashion and classic. Focus Trade is also at your service to develop exclusive designs with you and give you the tools necessary to be in line with the latest fashion trends.

Fratelli Alberti Srl

The firm Fratelli Alberti Varese, better known as FAV, deals on the market of the footwear and leather industry machines since more than 60 years. Specialized in precision mechanics, thanks to the perfection and reliability of its products, its name is appreciated all over the world. 

G.F.P. Snc


Solutions, innovations and perforations are the business core of G.F.P. G.F.P. has constructed machines and accessories for high quality perforation for 30 years thanks to accumulated experiences in this particular field. The company offers a wide range of standard or personalized machineries and on request, they can be equipped with PLC.

On request, the company's customer service is ready to obtain a personalized result with an ad hoc solution. Their machines are constructed with high quality materials and their supporting structure is realized with a single ring and then stabilized.

G.F.P. perforation technology has always improved to agree with the customers request and advice; above all for the easy use, the productions flexibility and the easy modification of the machine to meet the needs of the customer for example in the size of the machine working area.

Galli SpA

Galli SpA is the world leader in design and manufacture of machines for leather goods. They make machines to help manufacture watch straps, belts, bags, wallets, labels, saddles and other small leather goods like key chains etc. Galli SpA provides individual machines for individual operations as well as complete solutions to make complete product ranges. They are also able to design a complete factory layout along with machines as per international standards to suit any available space. The various types of machinery solutions Galli SpA provides ranges from manual, semi-automatic to completely automatic plant, based on the customers requirements and financial feasibility. Training and setup of the plant can be supported if this is needed from Galli SpA. Furthermore, they are able to provide all types of tools and accessories to make belts, bags, wallets, etc.

Garfas Macchine Srl


Since 1924, the foundation year, the business structure has developed according to the requests of the markets and now the following organized departments are available: Research & Development and Planning by CAD 3D, Rapid Prototyping, Electric planning, hardware & software, CNC mechanical works, Spare part stock, After-sales service, Purchase, Commercial and Administrative.

The staff is very qualified, in order to produce a high quality standard for any product.

Garfas Machines is operative through Agents and Retailers in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Csi, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Italy, Mexico, Norway, New Zeland, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Singapore, Usa, Venezuela.



Gemata's current production range includes roller finishing machines for side leather, furnishing skins, complete roller finishing lines for skins and imitations skins, foaming machines, workshop machines, drying tunnels, leather detaching devices, spreaders and engraved cylinders.

However, their main product is the roller coater. Roller coaters are machines that can operate both in synch patterns for customer's in reverse for coating, using a patented mechanism enabling rapid changeover from one mode to the other.

GER Elettronica - Tannery Machines


GER Elettronica has been established as The Leading Company on the production of measuring machines and spraying economizer Spray Control. The company works in close contact with different industries like tannery, shoe factory, leathergoods, furniture and automotive. At the same time Ger also develops a range of electronic devices aimed at the producers of machines for almost any sector of small and medium automation as electronic brakes and starters for motors.

Ger Elettronica has placed its machines and products in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Giuliani Tecnologie Srl


Giuliani Tecnologie's philosophy is to produce scientific equipment capable of transmitting a concept of high quality either artisanal or technological at once. Giuliani is an Atelier, sited in Torino, in which high precision instruments are designed, produced and distributed. This is made possible thanks to each Engineer, Designer and Specialist who has passion in designing and testing each machine produced. With a dedicated and precise selection of materials, such as their applications, Giuliani guarantees the most remarkable respect of the environment.

Gozzini 1906 Turini Group SpA


Gozzini 1906 is a company leader in the production of tannery machines situated in the famous S. Croce S.A.(Pisa) leather area. The proximity with tanners, the direct contact with tannery´s issues and the constant attention to technological innovation have permitted a constant improvement in the range of all produced machinery. Origins of their company are dated at the beginning of the past century.

Gozzini offers a wide range of machinery covering all the tannery working phases. Presently, the company under the management of Turini group since 1994, is built on a surface of 9.000 sq. Mt and it is equipped with new technological tools which have permitted a further improvement in the quality level, a reduction in the production costs and major willingness towards the requests of more and more informed and demanding customers.