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Air Clean Srl


Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs environmental rehabilitation plants, air depollution and related processes, biogas upgrading and purification, solid waste treatments plants, for industrial and municipal sector.

Our air and biogas treatment solutions include biological and proprietary bio-technologies and “conventional” chemical/physical technologies (Chemical washing, Activated carbon, Wet dust and Dry dust removal systems, Composting plant, etc.).

Regarding solid waste treatment plant the range starts from anaerobic digestion and biodrying production to very simple biodrying systems and completely automatic bridge cranes and aerated platforms.

Distributes green hydrogen electrolyzers ideal for power accumulation, including equipment for CO2 methanation and for hydrogen and oxygen production into WWTP.

The access to the latest technologies and continuous research allows Air Clean to provide the best solution for every application, by using stand alone or multy-stage technologies.


Created as a spin off from the well known Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A., leader in Italy and abroad in manufacturing asphalt plants, Bernardi Recycling Plants S.r.l is specialized in manufacturing recycling plants. Bernardi Recycling Plants activity is focused in the production of plants in the field of environmental protection, for the best recovery and recycling of industrial scraps, such as non ferrous metals, lead batteries, tyres, rubber and plastic. A highly experienced technical team, always in constant technological updating, grants careful design and reliable products. BRP strength lies in its ability to propose and make customized solutions, suited to the specific requirements of each single client. Machines revamping or part of systems can also be supplied in already existing plants.


Bertoli Gianfranco; a family operated industry was founded in 1961 as a full service provider to the die-cast industry. We manufacture die-cast dies, trim dies, and perform die repair and maintenance. Our aim is to produce high quality, reliable, maintainable, and durable molds at a fair price always cognizant of the importance of prompt delivery. CAD/CAM technologies, casting simulations,last generation high speed milling machines and well trained craftsmen; all of these assure a reduction of development time and an optimized process which improves quality. Our record of more than 1500 proven results gives witness to our high degree of successful specialization. The EN DIN ISO 9001 certification simply is the result of our total quality approach to our daily work. Manufacturing program Our competency extends from the concept stage to the actual manufacture of die cast-dies in all sizes and degrees of difficulty for casting machines with a closing force up to 2500 tons. Turnkey solutions are available for die casting cells for the production of gear boxes, electrical motors, engine covers, lighting and heating equipment among others.

BeW Tecnologia Italiana Srl

Friuli Venezia Giulia

BeW Tecnologia Italiana Srl represents the ideal synthesis of a decade-long experience in electromechanical constructions. The Company has inherited know-how, projects, designs and key personnel from previous firms comprised of more than 30 years work in this business sector, adding at the same time new professional competence and skills, in order to guarantee continuity in its relations with clients, as well as providing installation and technical servicing, thanks to its highly qualified staff.

 Our range of products include the following:

Cold drawing lines
Cold rolling lines for round and square section wires
Straightening, bending and cutting lines
Straightening lines
Complete arc-welding plants for wire mesh and grates
Complete arc-welding plants for lattice girders
Complete arc-welding plants for cylindrical cages
Complete plants and machineries built upon specific requests and need
A wide selection of accessories and components

Bonfiglioli Consulting

Emilia Romagna
Bonfiglioli Consulting Srl., founded in 1973, is an international company with an HQ in Italy, and 4 international subsidiaries of its own in the US, Brazil, Vietnam, and India.
It is one of Europe’s leading management consultancies and the global leader for Lean & Six Sigma.
Its consultants advise large and medium-sized companies worldwide in the Pharma & Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Retail, Financial Services, and Public Sector.
Its offices in Italy and abroad, and the partnership with Cordence Worldwide allow it to offer its customers up-to-date and cutting-edge know-how.
With more than 100 consultants in 10 offices around the world, it has developed comprehensive experience in a wide range of products and sectors.


Company located in Lombardy (northern Italy) founded in 1962 by President Aldo Bosello, operates from years 80 in the field of NDT (nondestructive testing), and specifically in industrial radioscopy. Currently, with its staff of about 50 employees located in his two facilities of Gallarate and Cassano Magnago, in the province of Varese, is currently among the world leaders in the field. Thanks to the know-how acquired, an efficient organizational structure and the high professional level of its human resources the Bosello HT ensures products with a high level of technology and highly efficient support services. The BOSELLO HT produces radioscopic industrial plants, namely acts to control product quality through X-Ray, which find their application in various sectors: automotive, aerospace, food. Produces also high-voltage generators, which are also appreciated in medical and security. The product is designed and manufactured in the offices of BHT, from mechanics to complex specific imaging software using the most advanced technology available. Thanks to the efficient network of sales representatives and support, the Bosello HT is present today in almost all European countries and in non-European countries most industrialized nations: United States, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, China, India, Japan etc.


Botta Engineering srl was set up in 1948. The company is specialised in the production of furnaces for the processing and treatment of aluminium and of its alloys. Thanks to a constant and technological innovation our company is constantly expanding. Our range of products allows us to supply both small and large companies. During the last few years we have been producing furnaces for the most important car wheel manufacturers, that means we have attained a high quality and reliability standard. Today we can carry out more and more modern and efficient projects. Cad design, construction, assembly, inspection and test, spare parts stock and after sales servicing are the strong points of our company that has always been considering the customers' need and problems as the focus of its own interests.

CA.M.I. Depurazione S.r.l.

Emilia Romagna
CA.M.I srl Depurazione, a leading company, founded in the 1970s and situated in the industrial district of Fiorano Modenese, develops its own customized installations for environmental protection and assures both its Italian and overseas customers a system which is in line with environmental legislation currently in force. CAMI installs its plants throughout the world, customising and developing its purification systems which are constantly being brought up-to-date according the requirements of the international market, in particular with respect to cost effectiveness of the whole plant. The CAMI's Mission is providing "turnkey" plants worldwide, our plants are integrated completely: in various typologies of production in which we operate.


A. CESANA S.p.A. is serving the foundry industry since 1879 and manufactures a wide range of advanced melting treatment products for non ferrous foundries and cast houses. A. CESANA offers melting-holding furnaces and is distributor of crucibles, castables, insulating materials, filters, degassing equipments, graphite and ceramics components. A. CESANA, has a policy of continuous quality up-grade and has gained a world wide reputation. The company has accreditation to UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2000 (ISO 9001 : 2000) by DET NORSKE VERITAS quality assurance standards.