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AB Trasmissioni Srl

Emilia Romagna

AB TRASMISSIONI designs and manufactures solutions for power transmission, such as flexible couplings, rigid couplings, centrifugal couplings and pulleys, bell housings in cast iron, aluminium and welded iron, 40% of which is custom-manufactured.

Sensitivity and attention to customer’s needs make AB TRASMISSIONI an integrated supplier of different complementary components, becoming the...

Actia Italia Srl



Electronic monitoring and control devices.


Emilia Romagna

The AMA group is built around AMA S.p.A., incorporated in 1967 by its founder and current President, Luciano Malavolti, to guarantee that accessories and non-original replacement parts are available to farmers for agricultural and gardening machines during Italy’s greatest agricultural mechanization.

AMA is currently the first group in Italy able to supply components and equipment for...

ARIES Srl (Tiberina Group)


Steering axles - Three-point linkages - Hooks - Quick couplers for three-point linkages - Trailer units - Front and rear p.t.o.

Balboni Srl

Emilia Romagna

Drive shafts for heart-moving machinery.

Bondioli & Pavesi

P.t.o. drive shafts - Universal joints – Hydraulic equipments - Reversing gears - Multipliers – Reduction gears - Gear boxes - Clutches - Gears

C.O.B.O. SpA - Division 3B6


Laser systems for land levelling - Weighting systems for wheel loaders, excavators and dumpers – Ultrasonic systems for finishers - Load/movement limiters for lifting machines - Electronic control devices for digging, drilling, earthmoving and road construction machines

Cab Plus Jesi Srl - (Tiberina Group)


Driving cabs for earthmoving machinery – Driving places

Caron A & D Srl


Joints for hydraulics - Hydraulic pipes - Rubber hoses

Comer Industries SpA


Reduction gears - Multipliers - Gear boxes - P.t.o. drive shafts - Clutches - Constant speed universal joints - Safety devices for p.t.o. drive shafts - Epicyclic reduction gears – Rigid axles - Steering axles - Orbital motors – Axial piston motors and pumps – Control systems for hydrostatic transmissions – Electric wheel drive units – Electric and hydraulic steering gears