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Bavelloni SpA

Comprehensive expertise in flat glass processing
Bavelloni provides glass processing technology and services for the architectural, furniture and domestic appliance and solar industries.
During our 70 years of operation, we have delivered more than 25,000 glass processing machines to more than 100 countries.
Our wide product range includes CNC machines and technologies for cutting, edging, beveling and drilling, available as standalone solutions as well as in integrated lines. The competitive edge of our glass processing machines is reliability of operations, flexible capacity, energy efficiency, and the high quality of the end product.
We also provide CNC machines for stone processing, such as edging, milling, drilling, cutting, engraving and decoration for furniture, countertop, interior decor and tombstone industries.
  • Edging machines for straight and shaped glass
  • Bevelling machines for straight and shaped glass
  • CNC working centers for glass and for stone (marble, granite and engineered stones)
  • Horizontal drilling machines
  • Cutting tables
  • Rear view mirrors production lines
  • Double edgers with cup and with peripheral wheels
  • Vertical NC drilling/milling centers
  • Diamond & polishing tools