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Emilia Romagna
Parts washers & metal cleaning systems....


TOSA solutions are tailor made based on specific production requirements and include a range of products which meet wrapping and movement requirements for all kinds of palletized loads: wrapping machines that use stretch film on rotating arm or platform, rotating rings with top sheet dispenser for water-proof or dust-proof protection and movement systems powered by chains or rollers. Each...

Rotisseries & Grills Manufacturer


UNIVERSO SRL is one of the leading manufacturers of professional cooking grills and rotisseries in Italy. Established in the late 50's, the company began by producing wood-fired chicken rotisseries. Today, Universo produces a wide range of products: Gas, Electric and Wood-fired Rotisseries,...


V.V.S. has been a vanguard in the planning and building of machinery for the meat industry for more than sixty years. Their wide range of machinery includes different types of meat grinders able to satsify any production requirement. In addition, V.V.S. also manufactures mixers, filling machines, shredding machines for frozen meat, dicers and pre-mixers. V.V.S. can also plan and supply complete...
Vibrowest Italiana SRL

Vibrowest Italiana SRL


Industrial vibrating sieves and separators

Vibrowest traces its roots to 1963 becoming an agent for a U.S. manufacturer of vibrating screens. The original group introduced vibrating sieve technology to the...


Vitella srl is a company which has been active in the market of bakery and pastry equipment for the last 12 years. Our core business features dividers destined to bakeries, pastries and pizzerias. The highly specialized production, the reliability of our machines and our competitive prices have made us very well known in the worldwide market.


VMI BERTO ITALIA is a subsidiary of VMI specializing in Spiral Mixers in order to better serve the worldwide baking & pastry industry. VMI BERTO ITALIA has over 20 years of experience in the production of SPIRAL MIXERS for artisans, semi-industrial bakers and supermarkets. In addition to producing a wide range of machines in the mixing field, VMI Berto offers its customers top quality,...


Since 1988, Yang has specialized in manufacturing vacuum packaging machines. During this time, the machine range has increased in response to different market demands, as Yang is a strongly market-oriented company, especially in the tray packaging field (MAP). Our challenge is to create special complete lines with our high quality standards together with high productivity levels, as well as...


Zanotti company has a great experience and it is synonym of undiscussed quality, reliability and safety in manufacturing refrigerating equipments for food industry. The main business of the company consists of the most appropriate use of "cold" for refrigeration and storage of agro-foodstuffs, drying and seasoning of cold cuts and cheese, grain chilling in silos and truck refrigeration. MARKETS...


Zilli & Bellini manufactures machines for the food industry, including: - automatic rotary telescopic and semi-telescopic fillers - automatic multifillers - linear gravity fillers - rotary gravity fillers, also with vacuum systems and capper monoblock - rotary vacuum fillers with internal and external valves - rotary piston fillers with internal or external pistons - conveyors - seamers The...