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Air Clean Srl


Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs environmental rehabilitation plants, air depollution and related processes, biogas upgrading and purification, solid waste treatments plants, for industrial and municipal sector.

Our air and biogas treatment solutions include biological and proprietary bio-technologies and “conventional” chemical/physical technologies (Chemical washing, Activated carbon, Wet dust and Dry dust removal systems, Composting plant, etc.).

Regarding solid waste treatment plant the range starts from anaerobic digestion and biodrying production to very simple biodrying systems and completely automatic bridge cranes and aerated platforms.

Distributes green hydrogen electrolyzers ideal for power accumulation, including equipment for CO2 methanation and for hydrogen and oxygen production into WWTP.

The access to the latest technologies and continuous research allows Air Clean to provide the best solution for every application, by using stand alone or multy-stage technologies.


The first ALTECH labelling machine started production in September 1991. It was the result of the commitment of a small group of people whose joint intention was to produce innovative self-adhesive labelling machines. Advanced Labelling Technologies, ALTECH was the result.

Nowadays millions of self-adhesive labels are applied by ALTECH systems every day. From the factory in Bareggio, close to Milan, these labellers reach purchasers located in all five continents.

Industrial labellers, self-adhesive labelling machines, linerless systems, sleeve applicators made up of simple labelling heads that can be integrated into existing packaging lines, or complete in-line systems equipped with conveyors and adjusting, orienting, spacing, checking, ejecting and sorting units which meet the customers’ most sophisticated production requirements.

These are complemented by real-time print & apply systems, of which ALTECH is a leading, innovating company in the sector of material identification, codification and traceability.

ALTECH self-adhesive labellers are versatile, flexible, and reliable in their performance; the result of ALTECH’s twenty-year experience as a curious, open and smart market player. They are a company relying on its expert staff and resources to continuously enhance the "Advanced Labelling Technologies" it was named after: ALTECH.

Alumotion Srl

Alumotion Srl, draws its origins from many experiences during the 20 years they have spent in the field of Industrial Automation. Attention to the needs of the market and the continuous search for new technological solutions has enabled Alumotion Srl to undertake trade relations with major world leaders. The company has acquired over the years a thorough knowledge of the requirements of industrial automation in the manufacturing sectors.

The partnership with MK Group and Schneider Electric allows Alumotion to bring to the market a "modular standard" that makes easier and more efficient production processes.

Asco Numatics Sirai Srl

Emilia Romagna

ASCO Numatics provides superior fluid automation solutions for engineers and purchasers at both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and at leading bottlers and packagers worldwide. ASCO Numatics provides the industry's most advanced pneumatic solutions for packaging equipment. Leading OEMs prefer ASCO’s innovative, reliable designs plus unmatched fieldbus and I/O.

In 2009, a new company was established under the name of Asco Numatics Sirai Srl. Today Sirai has become one of the principal players in the field of solenoid valves; Sirai is a modern and efficient factory, with an extensive world-wide sales organization, that is constantly increasing its market share. Sirai is a dynamic company, constantly evolving, whose future projects rest on the solid foundation of sixty years of experience.

Bonfiglioli Consulting

Emilia Romagna
Bonfiglioli Consulting Srl., founded in 1973, is an international company with an HQ in Italy, and 4 international subsidiaries of its own in the US, Brazil, Vietnam, and India.
It is one of Europe’s leading management consultancies and the global leader for Lean & Six Sigma.
Its consultants advise large and medium-sized companies worldwide in the Pharma & Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Retail, Financial Services, and Public Sector.
Its offices in Italy and abroad, and the partnership with Cordence Worldwide allow it to offer its customers up-to-date and cutting-edge know-how.
With more than 100 consultants in 10 offices around the world, it has developed comprehensive experience in a wide range of products and sectors.

CMZ Sistemi Elettronici Srl


CMZ Sistemi Elettronici has been designing and making programmable controllers for industrial automation since 1976. CMZ today offers a complete range of products that allow one to realize configuration with every type of complexity suitable for every specific need. The range includes axis controller with integrated PLC HMI, Industrial PC, Drives and motors, I/O modules Field BUS, and all have been thoroughly researched and all CMZ systems envisage the use of communication buses, such as the CAN Bus.

In addition to its standard systems CMZ develops dedicated designs, being certificated as a Research Laboratory for this purpose. An international sales network ensures full service not only in Italy but also abroad.

Years of experience in the sector have allowed axis control methods to be refined, so some dedicated software packages have been created for certain special applications: electronic cams, axis synchronization, interpolation at different levels, flying shear, weight control library, ISO file interpreter, temperature control, flow-pack library.

CMZ’s most common applications in the automation field are: Packaging, Beverage, Dosing, Weighting, Converting, Ceramics, Woods, Sheet metal, Glass, Photovoltaic, Custom


Emilia Romagna
THE COMPAC SYSTEM: from the Item to the Solution
Compac s.r.l. is a company that operates in the Packaging field and designs, develops and proposes solutions for Food Packaging.
Compac items, once assembled, result in packaging solutions that are complete Systems designed for  food, for those who produce it, for those who sell it and for those who consume it.

The strength of Compac  is the offer of a structured and flexible System based on: 

What makes Compac a leader in the food packaging sector, is the winning strategy in valuing individual items, placing them in systems that make it quick and functional organization of work.

The Company offers not only containers intended to receive the food, but also the transparent film that hermetically seals the package through the heat sealer machine.

The solutions of the System are designed for the Fresh Food Department  in Supermarket Chains stores, for the HO.RE.CA., for the Food Industry and for the Food Laboratories and traditional food trade (delicatessens, butchers, bakeries, confectioneries, fruits and vegetables, fish).

The investment of Compac in innovation is reflected into the design, manufacture and service of equipment with multi mould change which allow to pack wide ranges of containers (capacity: from 250 ml to 3600 ml) in different materials (Polypropylene PP – Cardboard + Polyethylene Terephtalate CA+PET –  Amorphous Polyethylene Terephtalate APET – Cristalline Polyethylene Terephtalate CPET – Cardboard + Polylactic Acid CA+PLA – Polylactic Acid PLA – Smooth Wall Aluminium ALc – Moulded Fiber CELLULOSE Pulp PULP) and specific for various uses ( freezing, cooling, heating, cooking).


Corazza SpA

Emilia Romagna
Corazza is a world leading manufacturer of packaging machines for soup cubes, processed cheese, butter, margarine and yeast.
The leadership of Corazza is focused on a wide range of equipment covering all market capacity requirements: marketing oriented technical solutions, and having prompt and reliable customer service to solve the problems linked to the machines whole life. Their team is available for all their customers, helping them in improving their operational efficiency, acquiring and retaining market share and enhancing competitive advantage.

CPS Srl – Cassoli Packaging Solutions

Emilia Romagna

Founded by Paolo and Stefano Cassoli in 2002 in Bologna, the heart of Italy’s “Packaging Valley”, the CPS Company is firmly based on the Cassoli family’s heritage of know-how. A pillar of Italian industrial packaging machine design and manufacture, the family has been active in this sector with its distinctive “Cassoli” hallmark of project and process innovation, since 1964.

The CPS Company is located just a few kilometers away from Bologna’s Industrial Heritage Museum, an institution that houses all the most important automatic machines created in the local area during the last 100 years. This fascinating collection significantly includes the RA/CI designed by Paolo Cassoli in 1964 as it is the father of all toilet and kitchen paper roll packaging machines.

Cassoli’s machines are designed by applying mechatronic concepts that integrate a precise and carefully balanced use of both mechanics and electronics to produce the following results:

  • Versatile Machines
  • A packaging machine can package numerous product types and sizes, helping your marketing needs to become more flexible and wide-ranging
  • Efficient Machines
  • CPS packaging machines that use less packaging material and consume less energy than other machines of the same generation and class currently available on the market

Low operating costs are a sign of efficiency (see comment above), superior reliability, minimum maintenance and user-friendly operation. CPS machines are easy to install and start up. In fact, they can be installed and running in less than 4 hours even without the help of specialized staff.

Delta Chiodatrici e Impianti per Costruzione Pallet SRL

Emilia Romagna
DELTA is a manufacturing Company of woodworking machinery. The product portfolio is consisting of:
  • Stand Alone Nailing Machines
  • Complete Nailing Lines
  • Automatic Pack Cutting machine
  • Automatic Block Cutting machine
Our customers are Companies who produce wooden pallets.

Delta is controlling the entire production process from the design to the assembly and can offer customized and turn-key solutions to both small and medium companies. DELTA technology is our strength: our machines are easy-to-use; they are high performing and have a long life.

DELTA was established in 1995 and it is privately owned.