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GEFIT spa - divisione Plastica


GEFIT Company is made up of two production units with more than 300 people employed.
These are all highly qualified specialists in the fields of design, mechanical, and electrical engineering and information technology.         
They are very experienced in the design and manufacture of equipment for many of the most important industrial sectors.
With the important contribution of the US Company Livernois Eng. of Livonia, Detroit, leader manufacturer of machines for the production of automotive radiators, condensers, heat exchangers  and  their components, has GEFIT Livernois Engineering, acting since January 2006, further enlarged its active presence on the important US market as well as on the world markets.
GEFIT presence on the Chinese market, which dates back to the early '90ies thanks to the commercial office in Beijing, has been recently strengthened with the latest setting up of an independent production facility - a 100% WOFE -  the GEFIT Dalian Industrial Technologies based in Dalian, North-Eastern China, operating in design and manufacture of assembly lines for the automotive, heat exchange, compressors fields, in synergy with the Italian headquarters.


Injection moulds.



Fifty years of experience and know-how, a customer-based organization, and constant technological innovation make GEFRAN a leader in automation components and industrial process control systems. GEFRAN offers an unrivalled range of products in terms of its breadth, quality and specialisation. It operates in three business areas: sensors, automation and motion control.
GEFRAN offers precision devices for measuring process variables: temperature, power, pressure and position. The primary elements are produced in clean rooms protected from any interference and equipped with hi-tech instrumentation.
This is a complete range of products for indicating and calibrating process variables. Automation platforms, regulators and indicators, solid state relays and power controllers are developed continuously to provide top performance while optimising the processes and energy consumption of the customer’s systems. Gefran also designs and builds complete electric panels for the automation of machines used in manufacturing plastics. A dedicated unit works with machine manufacturers to develop customised solutions.
This is a complete range of electric drives to regulate the velocity of AC and DC motors, inverters and converters. Products are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technologies at the modern Drive & Motion Control plant in Gerenzano. GEFRAN also offers custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of every customer.

Measuring and control devices. Heating units.



Established in 1965 precisely with the purpose of being involved with the design and manufacture of moulds for the high-volume production of thermoplastic items, Ghilardi Stampi optimally fits in the growing consumer market.

Over the years, in order to continuously improve the quality of its products, the company has constantly concentrated on the research, experimentation and organization of manufacturing processes, in moulds for the production of widely-used manufactured articles, such as: medical items (disposable syringes, lab test tubes, transfusion sets, pipettes), food and packaging boxes and containers,coffee pod's, as well as caps, capsules, aerosol pumps, writing items, etc.

The company offers customers all its know-how, guaranteeing high productivity and long service life. All moulds are rigorously tested and guaranteed for 4 million cycles on an average; they are all equipped with interchangeable components and fitted with thermo-regulator box, filters, conveyors, auxiliary equipment, drawings as well as operation and maintenance manual.



Commercial company of MAC.GI srl. See MAC.GI.

Often our plants enable competitive commercial products to become winning products and this due to 2 essential properties: Our machines are able to run either grains or powders of polymers without spoiling determinant chemical-physical property like molecular weight or mechanical resistance, even in materials like PLLA HMW or other bio-absorbable polymers. Thanks to the synergy between mechanical part, electronic control and software it is possible not only to guarantee excellent tolerances, but also to manufacture in a continuous way tubes and catheters with variable diameters, thickness, rigidities and coatings. Such characteristic can dramatically reduce the production costs allowing for instance to avoid some processes such as: welding of flexible segments or connectors extruding directly in continuous tubes with conical extremity and variable flexibility. The materials that can be processed are: conventional polymers, fluoropolymers (FEP, ETFE), high temperature polymers (LCP, PSU, PI and PEEK), bio-absorbable polymers (PLLA, PLG), bio-compatible or even bio-active polymers, pharmaceutical active principle matrix, ceramic materials and metallic materials.


Emilia Romagna

GIMAT S.r.l. established in 1975 by Eng. Giorgio Magri has specialized in the production of flexible spiral conveyors able to satisfy the customer's expectations in terms of reliability and technical contents.



In order to be competitive and to expand and develop its production areas, Gimatic decided to actively collaborate with manufacturers and fitters of machines molding plastic materials. Therefore, for about ten years, not only has it dealt with handling and sensors but also with components for the plastics field and offers a vaste range of products, such as modular clamping systems, quick changers, grippers for engagement, self-centering and not self-centering sprue grippers, 2 jaw parallel grippers, 2 jaw angular acting grippers and mini grippers, air hands, ID expansion micro grippers, one finger grippers, grippers for clamping, pneumatic air nippers, slides, flat vacuum cups and bellow vacuum cups.


Gioria S.p.A. fonderie e costruzioni meccaniche

Our company was established in 1962 and has been operating ever since as a common and special cast iron foundry.
After few years from the establishment the building of precision cylindrical and universal grinding machines was added to the casting business.
The two activities have always taken place in the same manufacturing site ever since the company’s constitution.
We consider our foundry a very much valuable resource inside the company for the supply of all the assemblies GIORIA cylindrical grinding machines are made of.

In the market for more than 45 years, GIORIA external and universal cylindrical grinding machines and roll grinding machines are well-known and appreciated for their precision, quality, strength and reliability.
The experience gathered by providing machines to the most diversified industrial sectors and the synergy with our cast iron foundry allow us to conceive, design and build highly customized grinding machines to meet the most specific needs.
Thorough manufacturing standards, the scrupulous selection of sourced components, the constant and stringent inspections at any step of production and assembly are guarantee of highly reliable and long lasting grinding machines.

The production program of OD and OD&ID grinding machines is very comprehensive and includes table moving conventional machines either in hydraulic, SC or CNC version and wheel moving CNC machines, the company’s hallmark.
GIORIA grinding machines are available with distance between centres ranging from 600 mm to 10 metres, grinding diameter up to 2000 mm and workpiece weight capacity up to 40 ton. Every machine can be equipped with a rich set of options.



Founded in 1996 by Guido and Brunetto Monco, Gmb Presse offers specific and high-tech solutions in the sector concerning the production of presses for moulding rubber, silicone and plastic.

The mission of GMB Presse is to attain technological leadership, by placing the best high-tech products on the market, able to anticipate the needs of an increasingly competitive sector.

In order to respond to constant changes, Gmb Presse proposes cutting-edge solutions in line with the requirements set forth by Industria 4.0, relying on the precious contribution of sector’s experts.

Customer care translates in custom offers according to specific industrial needs.

injection moulding machines

GMC di Maccaferri G. & C.

Emilia Romagna

GMC MACHINERY GROUP was founded in 1979 in Modena.
Since 1979, the company designs and builds industrial plants with high technological content for the decoration of plastic and metal packages, robotic systems for mixing colors, lines for handling containers.
In 2000 idea and patent the new process of decoration HDT "Heat Transfer Digital" decoration for 3D objects with toner, now spread to packaging of various sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, school-educational, multimedia.
In 2012 revolutionized the way of decoration realizing the only system in the world capable of producing digital laser decoration by toner directly transferable at high speed.
This process allows the decoration by immediate transfer of images from the PC to the object with one click.
Investment in research and development have enabled us to spread GMC’s MACHINERY GROUP products in the world: Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa consolidating the position of GMC among the major manufacturers operating in the same fields. Exports constitute the largest percentage of sales.


Printing machines: offset, screen, hot stamping, digital.


GNATA, above all being a Company, is a family bound by a common vision, which was born in 1961 in the form of the first GNATA Hot Foil Marking Machine, thanks to the innovative mind of Mr. Filippo, supported by his wife Maria and later by their son Roberto and daughter Elena. Today GNATA is a market leader in the field of Hot Foil Marking Machinery and has established its excellent reputation with Marking Machinery exported world-wide. A vision, enthusiasm and reliability are the qualities that enable the company to continue to grow so successfully. The main objectives are to offer a high quality, reliable product and to always be able to offer the customer and the current market what is required. This is achieved by continuous in house development