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Gama Srl

GAMA Srl was born in the 1992 from people with experience of more than twenty years in the construction of ditta internaelectronic equipment, for the industrial process control in the graphic field. The firm was born using innovation, finding ways to work through the demands of the market in the paper, press and packing sectors. GAMA Srl finds its own activity to be constantly engaged with...

Grafikontrol SpA

Grafikontrol is known and respected worldwide by major printing companies as the developer and producer of register control and auxiliary equipment for printing presses such as print defect detection and close loop density control.

Uncomplicated man/machine interfaces allow operators to easily pilot very sophisticated equipment, controlling increasingly complex presses. The...


I&C SAS is recognized in the Italian market of Graphic Arts, Packaging and Labels, as an active and highly professional member. They help printers carry out their plans of technological development in an increasingly competitive market.

Thanks to an experienced team, I&C in recent years has collaborated with many important companies in transition, which is particularly...


I-TECH s.r.l.

Emilia Romagna
I-Tech S.r.l. is a company based in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, that for more than 20 years offered a wide range of technologies and useful solutions for business improvement, production efficiency and lean industry development. I-TECH is specialized in the production of whole...


IMAF SpA, established in 1961, soon became the leading company in the production of chemicals for pre-printing, especially damping solutions and solvent mixtures for cleaning of printing presses. In years it also became an important reference point for users in the field for the sale of all the consumption products for pre-printing and printing.

It is equipped with an extremely...

IMS Deltamatic SpA

The IMS Deltamatic SpA designs and produces customized machinery for the web-converting industry (IMS and OMM brands) and for the automotive interior makers (Deltamatic brand).

The Headquarters is located in Calcinate, near Bergamo, where it has a large and modern factory, equipped with up-to-date tools for design, machining and manufacturing; another production factory is located...

JB Machines Srl


JB Machines is a paper bags and sacks making machine Manufacturer Company that develops, plans and produces packaging machines. With 20 years of experience working in the packaging industry (corrugating lines, paper mills, packaging machines, paper bags and sacks making machines) JB Machines has developed a new square bottom paper bag and sack production system. JB Machines’ organized...

Kris Srl

In 1959, after having learned the art of printer and paper technology, Carlo Granconato decided to become an entrepreneur and started in business making die forms. In those days, die forms were for the greater part made with type-founding margins and the time of the American dies had begun.  Business went like a storm and Carlo decided to manufacture cutting, creasing and perforating...

Kruse Srl


The Company, from its headquarters in San Mauro Torinese, with its dedicated people and the convenient logistic position, provides an excellent and timely commercial and technical assistance to its customers.

The CAD Plotter unit supplies ready to use plates to printers and represents a value added to their service for the best quality results in varnishing.