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A.C.M. Srl

Emilia Romagna
The leading products in the ACM range are beam saws,traditional band saws and special band saws also for woodworking.

In addition, the company produces surface treatment machines and for some years now all its experience has been channelled into the...

Baschild - Drying Technologies


Baschild is a multinational company, renowned in timber drying industry and providing five product lines: drying kilns (traditional or with tunnel loading), pre-drying kilns, high temperature kilns (for timber thermo-treatment), steaming chambers and control systems.

Kilns and...


Emilia Romagna

The Cefla Finishing, the world-leading provider of finishing...

Delta Chiodatrici e Impianti per Costruzione Pallet SRL

Emilia Romagna


DELTA is a manufacturing Company of woodworking machinery. The product portfolio is consisting of:

Stand Alone Nailing Machines, Complete Nailing Lines, Automatic Pack Cutting machine, Automatic Block Cutting machine. Our customers are Companies who produce wooden pallets.

Delta is controlling the entire production process from the design to the assembly and can...

Du-Puy s.a.s. di Mara Michele & C.


DUPUY was founded as a manufacturer of polishing machines and vacuum cleaners. In 1964 begins the construction of industrial vacuums for liquids and solids intended for all industrial applications. Since the first unit the company's philosophy was not inspired at massive production. On the contrary is was always inspired by the quest for the perfect solution, uniquely designed to exceed the...


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The Riberi company was founded in the mid 60’s by Mr. Sergio Riberi. Through hard work, dedication, and the expertise of good people, the Riberi Company soon became a leader in the production of forage self-loading cutter wagons. The company gained the...