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Ancora SpA

Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is one of the most technologically advanced regions in Italy, known throughout the world for its large industrial sites. Modena province alone can boast some very important names in car-production and mechanical engineering, in ceramics and its satellite industries. The district of Sassuolo has evolved into the “Polo Ceramico” - the hub of ceramics manufacturing - which has very quickly become an international center of reference. From here, the main ceramics companies have taken their products everywhere, coming top in design and quality. The close collaboration between Ceramics and Mechanics has made Italian operators experts in the sector and innovators on the world market.

Year established:
Foreign locations:
  • Tecnimport sl, Villareal, Spain (Telephone: +34 964 500373)
  • Kaydee's Ceramconsult, New Dehli, India (Telephone: +91 116 880709)
  • Neopel ltd, Taipei, Taiwan (Telephone: +886 288 37200)
Company applications:

Materials, equipment supplied:

  • Process and product quality controlled
  • Workplace purification and safety
  • Complementary and product finishing machines
  • Calibrating machines
  • Lapping machines
  • Smoothing machines
  • Polishing machines
  • Tile cutting machines
  • Fettlers
  • Squaring and chamfering machines
  • Spare parts
  • Storage and Handling
  • Surface treatment and maintence

Product Categories:

  • Ceramic Tiles