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Spedo has been manufacturing agricultural implements from more than 100 years and has reached a top reputation among farmers and growers around the world. Constant attention towards market demands, together with investments made over the years in training and in human resources have all helped us reach highly qualified production standards. We are now one of the main manufacturers of equipment for work between plant rows and on seed beds. Our customers know they can count on us, and this is one of the main characteristics of our organization. It is also one of the main fruits of the work ethic applied by our production department. There, they not only use the most modern methods, but they also study developments in raw materials very closely, and make sure all European decrees are strictly applied. On the trading side, the most important thing is the working relationship we have with our dealers and importers. It is from them that the main market input comes to us, and this is the main plank in planning various marketing and sales strategies and in satisfying the needs of each and every end-user. The Company deals all over Italy and our growth curve is very steep on the European and world markets, where we already trade in countries like Portugal, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Australia, Argentina, Chile, and the U.S.A. Our range of equipment is very wide, including disc harrows, rippers, flail mowers, 3pt elevators, tree shakers and in row cultivators.