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Enthusiasm for our products, Attention to customer detail, Technical knowledge and design team, Effective partnership with our customers, suppliers, partners and co-operators.
These features characterize TRIA identity since 60 years and have contributed to our constant growth.
TRIA is a family business company established in 1954 by Mr. Angelo Anceschi. Angelo’s son, Mr. Sergio Anceschi, joined early the company and today third generation Anceschi’s, together with TRIA management, is continuing in the effort of manage the company as a leading manufacturing company of blade granulators, conveying and grinding system of scraps from the plastics and associated industries.
We focus on effective technical solutions to meet our customer needs to gain our growth in all markets. TRIA vision can be summarized: Your recycling needs. Our grinding solutions.
2% of turnover is annually invested in our product research and development.
Established relationships with universities and consulting societies ensure regular updates on both technologies and materials. TRIA provide cost effective technical solutions for in line and off line grinding, improving knowledge in technologies.
Our long established partnership with primary line manufactures maximize innovative performance. Over 35.000 systems installed in 65 countries world-wide underline our high standards in manufacturing and design.


Preprocessing, recycling machines: grinders and shredders.