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F5 published "F5 's 2024 State of AI Application Strategy Report" which provides a unique insight into the current state of AI adoption. 

AI is a disruptive force that enables enterprises to create innovative and unparalleled digital experiences. However, the practicalities of implementing AI are incredibly complex and, without a proper and secure approach, can significantly increase an organization's risk posture. 

Organizations are excited about the prospects for the business impact of generative AI. However, only 24% of organizations say they have implemented generative AI at scale. 

According to this annual report, 75% of companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence, while 72% report significant data quality issues and an inability to scale data practices. 

Although the use of generative AI is on the rise, its most frequent use tends to serve less strategic roles. The most common use cases respondents say they have implemented include other employee productivity tools (used by 40% of respondents) and customer service tools such as chatbots (36%). However, workflow automation tools (36%) were considered the highest priority AI use case.

According to the study, cybersecurity is a top concern for those tasked with providing AI services. Factors such as AI-driven attacks, data privacy, data leakage and increased liability are among the top AI security concerns.