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Querétaro: manufacturing industry to grow 14.2% in 2022
The Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU) reports that, according to information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), during 2022 the manufacturing industry accumulated a total of 465 thousand 351 million pesos, a figure that represents an increase of 14.2 percent, compared to what was obtained in 2021.

The manufacture of transportation equipment was the industry that accumulated the highest production value, with 112 thousand 633 million pesos; followed by the manufacture of electrical accessories and appliances, which obtained 69 thousand 529 million pesos; the food industry contributed 59 thousand 258 million pesos; the chemical industry obtained 54 thousand 836 million pesos and the paper industry participated with 36 thousand 652 million pesos.

As for the sales value of the products manufactured in the entity, in 2022, an accumulated 462 billion 281 million pesos were reported, which means an annual growth of 16.1 percent.

The industries with the highest contribution to sales during 2022 were the manufacture of transportation equipment with 112 thousand 757 million pesos, manufacture of accessories, electrical appliances and electrical power generation equipment with 68 thousand 527 million pesos.

The food industry also stands out with an accumulated 58 thousand 572 million pesos, the chemical industry reported 53 thousand 624 million pesos, while the plastics and rubber industry with 37 thousand 198 million pesos.