AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI: Live Demos Of The New Telia FSC
AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI will stage a live demo at the DRUPA trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 31 to June 10, 2016 (stand 11/E39). The demo will show to the potential customers how it is possible, when changing a job, to minimize the scrap of the substrates to be printed during the start up.  The Telia 8 color that will be shown at Drupa includes a new and an improved version of the FSC system.

The FSC system allows:
- If a job has been previously stored in the work-station, the machine will repeat with extreme precision the printing pressures with no need of any electronic device or manual correction and the production will start with only 10 meters of scrap.
- If a brand new job has to be printed, the operator has to digit on the work-station:
o The repeat to be printed
o The number of colors to be used
o The plate and the sticky back thickness of the material
o The thickness and the type of the substrate (polyethylene, paper, CPP, etc.)
o The width of the substrate
At this point, by pushing a button, all the decks will be adjusted and put in “touch” position, in contact to the substrate to be printed. The tension controls will be adjusted according to the weight of the substrate. All these operations can be done without printing and with no scrap. To check the register, by printing only few meters of material, the operator can adjust the minimum variation of registers through an interactive register control system and also these adjustments can be done without running the press. When the operator finally starts the production, a minimum correction (if needed) of the printing pressure can be done through wireless remote control. The unwinders/rewinders, totally new in the design, are shaftless in order to speed up the rolls loading on the unwinders and the unloading from the rewinders. Three 10-color machines of this new Telia generation have been recently installed in the U.S. market.  During the fair Amut Dolci Extrusion (part of Amut group) will introduce, through video conferences, the last solutions of the extrusion coating technology, showing lines in operation and explaining the wide range of lines (from one to three stage) now availabe.