Italian glass processing products set to conquer the eastern markets

The 30th edition of China Glass will be held in Beijing, May 22-25, in the NCIEC, New China International Expo Center, hub of all the major events that take place in the Chinese capital.

Known for the massive participation of exhibitors from around the world, the exhibition is organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, which represents the trades involved in the science and technology of non-metallic, inorganic materials. The most recent edition, held in Shanghai, drew 800 exhibiting companies that occupied 80,000 m2 of surface area, and attracted 33,500 visitors, primarily from the domestic market.
As is customary, a delegation of GIMAV member companies will participate in China Glass 2019, thanks to the support of ITA (Italian Trade Agency). This sizable, prestigious group presence represents the cream of Italy’s industrial glass machinery sector, ready to showcase the most innovative products and latest technologies. They hope to leverage the business opportunities offered by the event in an Asian market with a distinct preference for innovative, Made-in-Italy solutions.  Based on data from the most recent GIMAV Industry Report, with a 5.74% share overall, China is among the top five destinations for Italy’s glass processing machinery, systems, accessories and special products industry. With regard to the flat glass sector, it rose from 4th to 3rd position, compared to the previous study year. Italy’s participation in China Glass is substantial, with 27 exhibiting companies that will occupy more than 1,000 m2 in the international pavilion.
GIMAV member companies at China Glass 2019
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Adelio Lattuada (Pavilion E1, Stand 068)
Lattuada Robotic Solution: integrated, automatic glass measurement; automatic adjustment of work speed; glass can be rotated 90° or 180°; flexibility – different-sized pieces of glass can be processed alongside one another (minimal separation required); reduced cycle times; cost reduction: only one operator needed; competitive pricing (ROI); non-stop quality control; scalable and customizable solutions.
Antonini (Pavilion E1, Stand 061)
Antonini srl, leading manufacturer of hollow glass annealing and decoration furnaces, has developed a new forced-air burner that can filter the air, thus providing a cleaner environment inside the machine tunnel. Gas consumption is reduced while maintaining the high standard of classic Antonini burners, making maintenance almost nonexistent and installation (like replacing an existing burner with the new one), quick and easy.
Bavelloni (Pavilion E1, Stand 069)
At China Glass, Bavelloni SpA will showcase its range of vertical straight-line edging machines, beveling machines, double-edgers with cup or peripheral wheels, CNC work centers, drilling/milling machines, cutting tables for monolithic and laminated glass, and customized integrated solutions. Also on display at the stand will be diamond and polishing tools from the Bavelloni Tools division. Staff will be on hand to provide information and assistance.
BDF Industries (Pavilion E1, Stand 080)
With a history that dates back to 1906, BDF Industries, thanks to a vertical integration plan implemented over the years, is now the only international company that can engineer, develop and produce an array of melting furnaces for hollow glass manufacturers, forehearths and IS machines, with all the essential tools and accessories, automation and controls needed for “hot end” processing.
Bottero (Pavilion E1, Stand 108)
Since its establishment in 1957, Bottero has specialized in the production of glass processing and manufacturing machinery and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment for three sectors: flat glass, hollow glass and engineering. The company’s consistent attention to detail and comprehensive product range are guaranteed to meet its customers’ every need – from float glass lines to cutting tables with a wide range of automatic loading options, glass edging and drilling solutions, high volume laminated lines and bottle manufacturing machinery.
CMS (Pavilion E1, Stand 141)
CMS Glass Technology offers the glass industry a full range of flexible and customizable machines, including 3-4-5 axis CNC machines, double-edging machines (flat and pencil edge), CNC vertical machines, cutting tables, cutting lines and waterjet cutting systems. The CMS product line is constantly evolving in order to attain ever-higher levels of performance, functionality, reliability and working life to meet every glass processing need.
Elettromeccanica Bovone (Pavilion E1, Stand 168)
Bovone, quintessential manufacturer of glass processing machinery and systems, is participating in the Italian group delegation in partnership with its subsidiary, BDT-Bovone Diamond Tools. At the prestigious Beijing event, the Ovada-based industrial group will showcase the proven technological expertise upon which its highly-customizable stand-alone machines are based; its robotic islands for complete automation of edge processing; its complete laminating and silvering lines; along with the most suitable tools to use with them.
Fenzi (Pavilion E1, Stand 112)
The Fenzi Group takes its most state-of-the-art line of chemical products for glass processing to China Glass 2019. Warm edge products for high-performance IG units, like Fenzi sealants and Alu-Pro and Rolltech spacers and decorative glass paints suited to all types of applications – architecture, design, home appliances, automotive and glass packaging – and the broadest range of protective coatings for mirrors. Live demonstrations of digital printing on glass, utilizing the advanced technology of its Tecglass machines, will also be part of its exhibit.
Forel (Pavilion E1, Stand 160)
The Forel staff will present the latest developments in its automated lines for assembly of IG units, focusing in particular on recent projects for special Jumbo and “NO LIMITS” lines, as well as detailed descriptions of the technologies featured in its vertical lines, consisting of the EM edger, the DM drilling and milling machine and the EG dual-head arrising machine. In addition, it will illustrate the processing technology that sets apart the VC vertical laminated glass cutting line, its LL lamination line and the smart systems for sorting, stocking and monitoring glass sheets.
Glass Service (Pavilion E1, Stand 077)
At China Glass 2019, Glass Service srl will feature a number of important projects, including a turnkey glass container production project currently in progress in Africa, and several working-end combustion systems already installed in the European and American plants of a global leader in glass container manufacturing. It also supplies furnaces for neutral borosilicate glass used to produce hydrolytic class-1 pharmaceutical containers, and a series of new orders for the recuperative and regenerative furnace market. Glass Service srl will be on hand to explain its current and forthcoming projects to visitors.
Italcarrelli (Pavilion E1, Stand 152)
Italcarrelli is a global leader in the design and construction of special machines and solutions for handling and storage of materials. Extensive expertise – gained over many years of experience in the field and investments in research and development of innovative solutions for the glass market – has made the company the go-to supplier for leading manufacturers worldwide. It produces platforms, inloaders, multi-directional side-loader transporters, special glass handling equipment and handling machines for loading/unloading boxed glass from freight containers.
Keraglass Industries (Pavilion E1, Stand 172)
Keraglass is an international glass processing plants and systems company. From tempering and lamination of flat and curved glass, traditional screen printing and enameling to digital printing, lamination to washing, the company is a solid, reliable partner for manufacturers in sectors where glass is a crucial element. Among the latest developments are a complete production line for glass wool and an automated hollow glass products packaging system. With its neutral glass tube production lines, the company is also known for its excellence in pharmaceutical packaging.
Mappi International (Pavilion E1, Stand 167)
Since 1993, Mappi International has designed and manufactured high-quality tempering systems for the glass industry. At China Glass 2019, Mappi will present two exceptionally intuitive and efficient glass tempering furnaces: the ATS 4.0 and Fox. Both maximize production, reduce energy consumption by up to 20% and also provide huge cost savings through a simplified startup cycle that allows production to begin in just one hour. Last but not least, the new Tab Service provides 24/7 online technical support worldwide.
Neptun (Pavilion E1, Stand 066)
Visitors to the Neptun stand at China Glass 2019 will be able to explore the vertical Quickline processing line, made up of two dedicated working centers for drilling (with automatic tool change) and milling of glass doors, shower stalls, shelves, etc. Unheard-of flexibility, simplified operation, virtually zero maintenance, combined with high speed, outstanding precision and processing quality, all add up to high productivity and an immediate, profitable return on investment.
OCMI (Pavilion E1, Stand 062)
The OCMI Group will showcase its latest technological innovations applied to manufacturing pharmaceutical glass, machines and lines for producing vials from borosilicate glass tube. Innovations designed to boost productivity and efficiency in continuous rotation forming machines. OCMI is the leading supplier to the Chinese market in terms of ampoule production lines and is thrilled to introduce these unique features. Visitors will be able to see the top solutions from the tableware/technical glass division, versions of the SA stemware sealing/stretching machine, the PAS 9- and 12-station press-blow machine for jugs and similar containers, single and double gob semi-automatic and automatic presses and production lines for insulators and glass bricks.
Olivotto (Pavilion E1, Stand 093)
The company develops, designs and manufactures hollow glass machinery and services: the O.90 Press and Blow, Blow-Blow glass blower, high-tech presses, high-speed spinning machines, stemware stretching/burn-off and welding/stretching machines, glass brick and glass insulator production lines, and the LC large container blowing machine.
Optima (Pavilion E1, Stand 159)
Since 1994, Optima has been a global leader in software solutions for the flat glass sector and, in general, for processing all types of flat surfaces. The company develops ERP software, monitoring systems, HMI interface applications, CAD/CAM software, programs for the optimization and connection to cutting tables, insulating glass lines, bending machines, double-edgers and sorting systems. Works with all the leading international technology manufacturers.
Pneumofore (Pavilion E1, Stand 078)
Pneumofore, a leading global supplier of vacuum and compressed air systems, will showcase its latest innovations and products designed specifically for the glass industry: UV Series air-cooled vacuum pumps, which address the specific central vacuum requirements of IS machines, and Series A air compressors with up to 310 kW output and pressures ranging from 2.5 to 10 bar (g). The company designs and manufactures rotary vane machines and provides services to glass manufacturers seeking machines that can provide decades-long reliability and durability, maximize energy savings, and have a low life-cycle cost.
R.B.M. Solutions (Pavilion E1, Stand 171)
R.B.M. ITALIA produces rubber polishing wheels for flat glass used on the most common straight-line and double-edging machines. The company’s manufacturing facility (in Baldichieri, Asti, in north-western Italy) has maintained an artisan-style organization while acquiring an extensive culture in technology and experience. Its best-selling product is still the 10S (considered a universal wheel), easy to use on all types of machines; its top polisher is the X5000 cerium wheel. A new line was recently developed for coating removal from low-E glass, and for CNC machines.
Schiatti Angelo (Pavilion E1, Stand 146)
At China Glass 2019, Schiatti Angelo srl rolls out its Industry 4.0-ready technical solutions for flat glass edging and drilling. Innovation, customization, energy-efficiency, low-maintenance and customer assistance are core values key to the success of this company that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 
Skill Glass (Pavilion E1, Stand 153)
At China Glass 2019, Skill Glass introduces its latest innovations in integration with the leading ERP software applications and complete loading and unloading automation on the vertical DRILL 101 drilling machines and the SKILL E-D machining centers.
Star (Pavilion E1, Stand 059)
STAR offers expertise, experience and a business ethos all aimed at creating turnkey solutions to improve capacity, flexibility and productivity through extensive use of the most advanced technologies in laminated, tempered and value-adding processes, using its own technologies and proprietary solutions. More than 1,200 “missions accomplished” in 27 countries around the world, and only the best business referrals, are proof of Star’s capabilities.
Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments (Pavilion E1, Stand 145)
For the automotive industry, the WPS High-Speed Wet Powdering unit applies a non-stick talc coating to the windshield before bending. The pre-coating horizontal Cristal Mundus washer/dryer is equipped with an innovative series of glass sheet degreasing brush units. The same machine can be equipped with an ultrasonic pre-wash system. New washing solutions for ever-thinner glass screens. The new and already tried-and-tested Fireproof automatic fireproof glass processing line, and the brand new, patented SURF Line, for the processing of curved glass.
Vitrum (Pavilion E1, Stand 055)
Vitrum staff will be on hand to explain to visitors the many advantages of participating in Vitrum 2019, set to take place October 1-4, 2019 at Fiera Milano Rho. Many opportunities are available to help exhibitors optimize their investment and gain the utmost advantage possible by participating in the event. Some of the innovations developed for this new edition include the 12 Vitrum Specialized themes that will pave the way to an even more pleasant visit, and the new dedicated Deals and Dealers area. Just months after space sales opened, the 2019 edition already promises to be bigger than ever, and with a growing number of high-quality international exhibitors.