Italian Innovation: DAVI Completes Testing on the World's Largest Four Roll Plate Bending Machinery

Despite the economic difficulties caused by the global recession, the world industry, is experiencing a growing demand for energy.  In particular, one for structurally well built components with increasingly thicker and more resistant steel plates. A call which is being successfully answered by Italy's DAVI.

Recently a leading Russian manufacturer of large Off-Shore platforms and Nuclear Power Plants components, chose a four roll DAVI with a capacity of 4000 x 255 mm (13ft x 10inch) to manufacture its products in cold rolling processes.

On the matter, its president, Orazio Davi said, "It has been a very exciting technical and commercial negotiation for our Company. We offered a project with innovating technical solutions, engineered to fulfill the Russian giant customer needs. A further challenge was the very short manufacturing time request. Our company, the largest in the world - engaged in the manufacture of plate roll, has conformed to the requested timeline. Our turnkey solution convinced the Buyer that the only choice was to sign the contract with us. We beat the competition, against the only other manufacturer selected for that very tough task (the German leader). An additional reason to be proud of that prestigious order"



DAVI-PROMAU was founded in the 1960's and quickly became the world's largest manufacturer of plate and angle roll and automatic rolling systems, along with high rankings in sales, employees, production, assets, equities, and being awarded by Dun & Bradstreet with its prestigious "Most Reliable Rating 1". As a leader in research, development and innovation, DAVI has through the years acquired numeros patents for its innovation in the rolling industry. DAVI's state-of-the-art engineered machines are built in Italy and integrate avangard technologies throughout their manufacturing and are sold worldwide.

DAVI huge "giant rolls" for manufacturing heavy-duty pressure vessels, boilers, energy applications (oil & gas and nuclear) offer a wide range in terms of thickness from 40-50 mm up to 400+ mm. For lighter applications, high-tech DAVI rolls, CNC controlled, are at the peak of the today industry; NASA Space Agency gave its "Appreciation Award" to those DAVI laser controlled rolls running in its Research Centers.

DAVI is the world leader in Wind Towers and Off-Shore, thanks to its patented "High Productivity Package" that enables the towers and piles manufacturers to greatly increase productivity, while ensuring and maintaing the highest in quality standards, offering as well professional "customer care" to answer to any need, anywhere in the world.

Once more DAVI has been evaluated to offer the best technical-commercial solution for the supply of plate rolls for extremely heavy applications (a couple of dozen of its giant machines suitable for heavy industries, have been sold by DAVI just in the past three years). As a result of an evaluation based on both, company structure, and technical engineering capabilities, combined with high manufacturing quality, DAVI was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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