Italy's Assocomaplast becomes AMAPLAST

On Wednesday, 7 June 2017, the member assembly of the Italian trade association of manufacturers of plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds approved the proposal to change the name of the association from Assocomaplast to AMAPLAST.

As emphasized by the association president, Alessandro Grassi, “in a logic of renewal, to further strengthen the image of our association and the companies it represents, I have proposed, in concert with the Board and the Executive Committee, to change the name from Assocomaplast to AMAPLAST, which is shorter and easier to pronounce (especially for non-Italians), representing an acronym for Associazione Macchine Plastica (Plastics Machinery Association).”

An even shorter acronym was also introduced: AMP, featuring the colours of the Italian flag to symbolize the national identity.

In a period when plastics are constantly in the spotlight and often criticized, this new name sends a positive signal and strengthens the idea of an organization and a group of companies that are committed to developing and promoting cutting-edge technologies to produce quality products, with great concern for issues of eco-sustainability, the reduction in resource use (for example, by using increasingly thin walled packaging), and energy savings. “I realize that this is a challenging decision,” concluded Grassi, “but the objective is certainly not to wipe away over fifty years of history with one swipe, quite the contrary.”

The association was founded in 1960 with the name Assocomaplast with the goal of promoting international awareness and use of Italian plastics and rubber processing technology, which occupies a preeminent position in world rankings for production and exports. Indeed, Italian manufacturers have offered a complete range of original and reliable machinery since the early 1950s. 

Today, with the name change to AMAPLAST, the association (member of Confindustria) continues to represent over 160 major Italian machinery manufacturersInformation about this industry and on the individual member companies, organized by name and product category, is available on the association’s website, which became active on June 12th, 2017 with the new name and new graphics:

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