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The country's capital was the main consumer of hybrid and electric vehicles in Mexico at the end of 2021, since of the 47,079 units sold with these technologies in the January-December period last year, 23.5% were sold in the CDMX, according to figures published by the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA). Based on the Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Light…
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Mexico | italian packaging machinery | caps | bottles | coke | beer | SMEs | mineral water | market | Richard Lesce
Mexico is called "El Dorado" for Italian packaging machinery "When we landed in Mexico City in 1997, we were the only ones producing bottle caps. About 50 million dollars a year. At that time, cola and beer, which were produced by multinationals that had relocated years before, were produced with the help of SMEs already in Mexico. The final product cost less, approximately half the price of…