#4: Fall 2017

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Dear Readers,

The Fall is traditionally associated with a time to roll up our sleeves and go back to work. Children are back in school, vacations have been taken.
With this renewed sense of energy, we focus on completing the projects already in the works and formulate new battle plans for the rapidly approaching new year.
My experience as Director of ITA Chicago, for the last four years and my recent post in Toronto have given me the opportunity to note the similarities and differences between Canada and the US. 

Canada is proactively moving toward strengthening its commercial ties with the world and Europe in particular.  The CETA or Canada EU Comprehensive Trade Agreement - recently came into effect as of last September bringing along sweeping changes in terms of tariffs, labour regulations, goods and capital movements to and from the Euro zone and Canada.  Canada is also shedding some of the internal impediments to free trade. The CFTA or Canadian Free Trade Agreement, effective July 2017, should eliminate some of the most outdated trade barriers between the federal and the provincial jurisdictions.
On the other hand, the current US administration seems to be poised to put a cap on the free trade in North America.   NAFTA is due for renegotiation.  Is it going to survive?  I truly believe so.  Probably Mexico and Canada would have to agree to some concessions which in the end will benefit fair competition among the three partners.
It would be hard to conceive a total stoppage of a trade integration whose total worth approaches a 13 figures number.  The value of the trilateral trade in the NAFTA area was over USD 1 trillion in 2016.
Thanks, in part, to the Agreement, the US, Canada and Mexico economies are on a growth trend. According to the  IMF Word Economic Outlook the real GDP growth rate of the NAFTA countries should be around  2% in 2017 and above the 2% benchmark in 2018 while vs. 1,5% of the EU’s and 1% of Italy’s (both in 2017 and 2018).
The manufacturing sector’s GDP in the NAFTA area grew 2.6% in 2016, surpassing the USD 20 trillion threshold for the first time….ever.  The manufacturing industry in North America should continue to outperform the growth of the other non-manufacturing sectors in 2017 and 2018.
The climate is more favourable now for manufacturers, with declining national currencies, cheaper natural gas to power factories and rising labour costs in Asia, which makes North America more competitive.
Italy’s industrial technology sector is well positioned to take advantage of these healthy growth rates.  Italian companies learned how to leverage on North American’s manufacturing clusters, locating their operations strategically in order to better serve their client base.  
The Machines Italia newsletter is a tool intended to share information on Italy’s latest innovations and opportunities for North American companies to learn more about how Italian machinery can give them a competitive edge.  We try to bring Italian technology closer to where it is really needed. 
I hope you appreciate our effort and enjoy your reading.
Matteo Picariello
Italian Trade Commissioner – Canada

Events & Initiatives

Lamiera 2017 Metalfabricating Show
EIMA Show Umbria 2017
Strong Italian Presence At AEROMART Montréal 2017
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XVI Foundry Technology Symposium
Carved In Stone At Marmo+Mac 2017
Mexican Delegation At SIMEI 2017
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Machines Italia USA’s 5th Participation To Makers Fair
Machines Italia & UCIMA "Pack" Italian Innovation Into Pack Expo
Italy's Role In Advanced Manufacturing Evident At Rapid 2017
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Industry News

Makro Labelling Opens Subsidiary In Quebec
Italy’s National Industry 4.0 Plan
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Fimer To Supply Conversion Centres For PV Plant in Mexico
Eni Continues To Grow Its Presence In Mexico’s Oil Industry
Italy’s Enel To Build Largest PV Plant In The Americas
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AMUT Conquers Leadership In PET Recycling Technology
Nova Siria Supports Emergency Repairs In Alaska
Italy’s National Industry 4.0 Plan
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Success Stories & Testimonials

Over the past several months, Italy has been on an investment spree bringing manufacturing to local economies and providing job creation in many communities across the US. Below are some of the most recent developments:
 Arol North America, part of Arol Group, has opened a HQ in Buford, Georgia. The facility also includes sales and after sales support and training to US customers. The company designs, produces and distributes capping and corking systems based in Canelli, Italy, for the food and beverage sector, among others.


The United States welcomes investors of all sizes, including established multinationals, small or medium-sized enterprises, and high-growth start-ups. The SelectUSA Investment Summit brings the diversity of the United States together under one roof – enabling any business to find the people, the resources, and the market it needs to be successful. Participants at the first three Investment Summits have announced more than $20.6 billion in Greenfield FDI into the United States since 2013. Data from FDI Markets show that these participants are responsible for more than 12 percent of all announced Greenfield FDI projects in the United States from fiscal year 2013-2016.



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