Soft Landing - Un Servizio da ICE-Agenzia Chicago USA
ITA Chicago mette a disposizione delle imprese italiane interessate ad aprire una propria filiale negli USA un nuovo servizio di soft landing.
Think Italy, Think Innovation - MIT Technology Review Article
When you think of Italy, what first comes most to mind? Most likely, it's some combination of food, fashion, fine wine, and fast cars. 

But Italy is equally important for its leadership in machinery, advanced manufacturing, and - most recently - robotics.

Find out more about Italy's leadership in these areas in the piece published in the January/February 2016 MIT Technology Review magazine.
Italian Pavillion at Aeromart Montreal 2015

17 Italian leading aerospace companies, and two industry associations will be exhibiting at the 2015 edition of Aeromart that will take place in Montreal from March 31 to April 2, 2015.

The Italian Trade Commission pavillion will showcase the Italian innovations in the aerospace sector and will host B2B meetings.

For further information please contact toronto [at]

Canada does its Part for Xylexpo's Success
Read the article on the Canadian delegation to Xylexpo 2014, woodworking machinery trade show, in Milano Italy and the Win a Trip to Xylexpo 2014 contest, published by Wood Industry magazine.
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Machines Italia Vol. IX: Exploring the New World of Advanced Manufacturing

In this edition of Machines Italia Magazine Volume IX, our focus is on how North American companies are embracing a wave of new technologies, many from Italian providers, that are helping them bring work back home, while remaining competitive.

Italian companies are playing a big role in researching, developing and bringing to market these advanced manufacturing tools and strategies, many of which are enabled by innovation software, automation and thinking.

We take a closer look at trends in the North American manufacturing market and tell the stories of companies using premium Italian technology to become more competitive and profitable. These stories demonstrate that investments in sophisticated, premium Italian manufacturing equipment and tools are paying off.

And to find our Italian solution providers with local operations in NAFTA, click HERE for an interactive directory.

Machines Italia @ AME 2013 Toronto "Old World, New Lean Tricks" Presentations Online

This mini-series of presentations illustrates how three innovative manufacturers and Italian based market leaders: Bonfiglioli, Salvagnini and Vestas Nacelles, have successfully implemented lean strategies in their operations by redesigning the standard toolbox of tactics to adapt it to the individual contingencies. Each case study is explained by the same lean practitioners that guided the journey through their operational values streams. For Italian manufacturers, survival is arguably a balancing act.

With energy costs double those of North American companies, extremely high labour costs, limited access to operating capital and a cumbersome public debt, they continuously have to find new ways to stay alive. Yet, despite these challenging circumstances, Italian manufacturers, mostly SMEs, are weathering the storm and enjoying double digit export growth and enduring success in the global market. A victory most observers attribute to a refined mix of innovation, high craftsmanship and product quality, fair prices, speed and reliable delivery.

For many of these companies, the proverbial secret formula for success consists in an intuitive but consistent application of homespun Lean practices. A few among them, such as the companies featured in this mini-series presentation, took a more scientific approach to Lean whilst maintaining a very distinct Italian ingenuity. "The Italian Job: Old World, New Lean Tricks" presentation series was attended by over 100 North American manufacturers and organized by the Machines Italia and the Italian Trade Commission Office in Toronto.



Lean manufacturing: panel tackled variability and waste
Read the article, published by Lisa Wichmann of Canadian Manufacturing, on the Machines Italia presentation Old World, New Lean Tricks that was held at the AME conference in Toronto, last October 22, 2013.
University of Parma's CIPACK: Intro to Innovative Interdepartamental Research Center for Packaging

The downloadable brochure provides a profile of the work being done at CIPACK, the Interdepartmental Center for PACKaging research center which operates inside the University of Parma, Italy, under the agrifood platform for High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna Region. CIPACK is comprised of various departments such as Industrial Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Pharmacy, Life Science and Medicine. CIPACK's aim is one to promote and coordinate research activities in basic and applied issues relating to packaging and bottling in particular for food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

CIPACK's primary research areas are the following:

A) Innovative materials for packaging

B) Advanced systems for packaging

C) Environmental impact of packaging

D) Quality and hygiene of packaging

For more information on CIPACK visit the center's site at

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The Canadian Aerospace Industry: Market Overview

In 2009, Canada marked the 100th anniversary of its first airplane flight. In February 1909, a pioneer by the name of J.A.D. McCurdy took to the sky in a frail-looking biplane called the Silver Dart. Young McCurdy and Canada’s tiny aviation community never looked back, and as a result, their daring achievement led to the development of a whole new industry — Canada’s aerospace industry.

In 2013, The Italian Trade Commission's  Machines Italia Toronto commissioned a study to explore the Canadian aerosapce industry, its trends, , recent and upcoming programs and opportunities for Italian technology providers.

Italian Trade Commission Los Angeles Global Aviation Manufacturers Awareness Study 2013

The Italian Trade Commission Los Angeles (USA) in collaboration with Speed News, recently conducted its study on the global awareness of Italian solution providers in the aviation industry with the following objectives:

•Investigate awareness levels of Italian machinery for the aviation industry.

•Determine perception of manufacturing equipment from various countries.

•Examine aspects important in machine purchases, as well as purchases planned for the near future.

Over 150 manufacturers within the industry completed this study.

Click on download to obtain your copy of the "Global Awareness Survey".