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Famar Tec Srl

Famar Tec is the heir of the great Famar experience. Located in Bologna (Italy), the well-known “Packaging Valley”, Famar Tec has developed a wide know-how in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for blisters, trays, cartons and cases for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. In 2015 the company joined the Curti Industries group, leader in mechanical processes and already active in the packaging sector with machines for the food sector and end of line. Famar Tec’s offer is actually implemented with consolidated casepack-ing and palletization solutions, both

Italian Technology Awards 2017: Open House at GIMAV Member Companies for a Group of Award-winning American Students

The week-long visits of the Italian Technology Awards winners recently concluded. An international program sponsored by ITA (Italian Trade Agency), it is part of a “ Machines Italia” special project aimed at expanding the educational horizons of North American students through cross-contamination of skill-sets and knowledge transfer with a select group of Italian machinery manufacturers. For the second consecutive year, GIMAV – the Association of Italian manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing – made its own contribution to the program by

OCMI-OTG: A Small Company With A Long History And A Bright Future

Two entities coexisting under the same management, based on completely different technologies and applications, OCMI and OTG are the two main components of OCMI Group, Italian business headquartered in Milan, founded in 1921 and run by the third generation of the Gusti family. OTG specializes in manufacturing customized gearboxes, special speed increasers and reducers specifically for applications in the oil and gas industry; OCMI is a leading manufacturer of machinery and finishing lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic glass containers from glass tubes. With just under 60

CO.RI.M.A – Marchesini Group

1979: Franco Neri and Dario Anatrini, following years of experience in the division, decided to create a company of their own, starting with the production of machines in a small workshop. They initially concentrated just on ampoule filling machines but soon expanded. Over time and with the addition of other shareholders – Aroldo Cappelletti and Mauro Pometti – their production consolidated and the range of machines diversified. Today, CO.RI.M.A offers over 25 different models of machines, all of which are built pursuant to the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Their machines