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I.M.S.A. S.r.l. (IMSA)

Established in 1988 in the Lecco area, in northern Italy, IMSA specializes in manufacturing deep-drilling machines. IMSA is represented globally with more than 550 deep drilling machines currently running in Italy and in the rest of Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, and Brazil,... IMSA machines are working in businesses in the mechanical production industry, machining job shops, aerospace, and mold makers for many sectors of the industry such as automotive, food/packing, and medical parts among others. Many of the recent innovations applied to gun drilling machines for mold makers were developed by

Components, A Growing Market

Estimates from FEDERUNACOMA and Comacomp indicate turnover increases of more than 20% for 70% of manufacturers in 2021. Positive indicators also for the first half of 2022, and good future prospects due to electronic technologies, which are becoming increasingly important in the sector and are pushing agricultural mechanics towards the digital transition by the editorial staff February 2022 | Back In a year marked by record growth in the agricultural machinery market, with a 36% increase in tractor registrations in Italy and consistent increases for all types of machines and equipment, the

Bausano Twin-screw Extruders Powered By Multidrive Technology In The US And Canada

The Italian international leader in the design and manufacture of customized extrusion lines for processing of plastic materials, Bausano, announced the introduction of its next generation lines of twin-screw plastic extruders in the US and Canadian markets. With world-renowned “made in Italy” quality and unrivaled technological innovation, Bausano’s two renewed product lines - MD Plus and MD Nextmover - are best suited for several types of extrusion, pipes, granules, wood plastic composites (WPC), profiles and materials used in the medical industry. Bausano twin-screw extruder lines are

G.D USA Invests $3.73M In Virginia Manufacturing Facility

G.D USA, Inc. a member of the Coesia Group, will invest $3.73 million to increase capacity and enhance technology at its facility in Chesterfield County, VA. The project will create up to 26 new jobs at the Richmond operations. “G.D USA is excited to continue to grow our company in Virginia, and specifically Chesterfield County, for years to come,” said Roberto Parmeggiani, General Manager of the North America Tobacco division and Richmond site. “We appreciate the continued support from the state and county to help us move forward.” Coesia is a group of innovation-based industrial and

ASSIOT Joins The Machines Italia Family

ASSIOT is the Italian Association of Gears and Transmission Systems Manufacturers. Founded in 1971, ASSIOT’s membership is now 100 companies strong, which represent 70% of the Italian power transmissions manufacturing industry, and approximately 9,000 employees. ASSIOT became the16th Machines Italia partner associations. Now the Italian Trade Commission’s sponsored project embraces 16 key industrial technology and machinery sectors. For further information on ASSIOT and the power transmissions industry, please contact assiot [at] (subject: Machines%20Italia%20E-newsletter%20) .


Italian association for mechatronic technologies and components for hydraulic power, power transmission, intelligent automation and control of industrial products and processes. FEDERTEC was born in 2019 from the merger of ASSIOT - Italian Association of Manufacturers of Gears and Transmission Elements - and ASSOFLUID - Italian Association of Producers of Hydraulic Systems. FEDERTEC has 250 members and represents one of the most important industrial sectors in Italy and worldwide, with a production of 11.5 billion euros (60% of which is exported) and 55,000 employees.


Federtec (x-ASSIOT) - Italian Association of Mechatronic Technologies and Components for Fluid Power, Power Transmission, Smart Automation and Control of Industrial Products and Processes. After the establishment of FEDERTEC in 2019 thanks to the merger of ASSIOT (Italian Transmission Elements and Gears Manufacturers Association) and ASSOFLUID (Italian Fluid Power Association), also FNDI (National Federation of Industrial Distribution) has been incorporated into FEDERTEC from April 2022, adding a new piece to the mechatronic technologies chain. FEDERTEC has 280 member companies and represents

OCMI-OTG: A Small Company With A Long History And A Bright Future

Two entities coexisting under the same management, based on completely different technologies and applications, OCMI and OTG are the two main components of OCMI Group, Italian business headquartered in Milan, founded in 1921 and run by the third generation of the Gusti family. OTG specializes in manufacturing customized gearboxes, special speed increasers and reducers specifically for applications in the oil and gas industry; OCMI is a leading manufacturer of machinery and finishing lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic glass containers from glass tubes. With just under 60

Soltek Srl

Soltek Srl is the new name and new reality in the market of processing machinery for ceramic tiles, in particular glazed stoneware tiles. Having a new name for Soltek does not mean to be a newcomer to the ceramic world; Soltek is the result of an internal division of one corporate branch of CO.ME.S. Srl, that for years has been a leader in the manufacture of polishing and honing heads for ceramics and granite and driving gears. The technical knowledge and the experience gained by CO.ME.S. is from over 40 years working with mechanics and in particular in the manufacture of granite and ceramic

Brevini Wind USA's Jacopo Tozzi Speech at IndustryWeek's Best Plants 2012 Opening Reception

Brevini is a worldwide specialist in planetary technology. After 50 years of experience we developed a product range of gearboxes which goes from very small applications to >2,5 million N/m. We needed a new manufacturing location for the upper range (above 1 million N/M) where we could deploy the best possible technology. We focused on the wind market because it is one of the biggest for planetary applications. The US was, until two years ago, the biggest wind market in the world and there were plans for expanding the renewable sources ten folds by 2025. What a great chance for Brevini!!! We