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Italy - US Advanced Manufacturing Conference 2018

ICE-Agenzia lancerà a Milano il 21 febbraio 2018 un ciclo di roadshow tecnologici negli Stati Uniti, aperti alla partecipazione di imprese italiane. Nell'occasione istituzioni, centri di ricerca e mondo imprenditoriale dei due Paesi si confronteranno sull'evoluzione tecnologica del settore manifatturiero e sulla possibilità di lavorare insieme in questo campo. PERCHÉ PARTECIPARE Gli Stati Uniti puntano alla leadership globale nel settore manifatturiero e investono in tecnologia, con iniziative come il piano Manufacturing USA ; si aprono quindi opportunità per le imprese fornitrici di


This Guide is part of a two-volume mini series that includes the legal guide "USA Practical Guide to Investing - Frequently Asked Questions" available at This second handbook also stems from a collaboration with ASSOCOMAPLAST (National Association of Manufacturers of Plastics and Rubber Machinery and Molds) with the aim of concisely presenting, to interested companies, the U.S. scale and accounting system. The U.S. scale discipline is, as a whole, quite complicated and is constantly evolving. It is federalist in nature and is based on the principle of "progressivity" (i

Perceptions and Opportunity: Packaging and Packaging Machinery in the USA

A presentation of a customized study by Euromonitor on the Packaging Machinery in the US for the Food & Beverage Industry on the occasion of Pack Expo International held here in Chicago in November 2016. The study is based on in-depth industry Interviews with over 25 U.S. Food/Beverage processors and Packaging Machinery Survey results from over 150 U.S. Food/Beverage processors. The study was sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency Chicago USA and Italy's packaging machinery manufacturers' association, UCIMA . The two major objectives to this report were to identify the perception of certain

Soft Landing - A Service from ICE-Agency Chicago USA

ITA Chicago provides Italian companies interested in opening their own branch in the U.S. with a new soft landing service.