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Italian - Canadian, Cross Province, Multidisciplinary Ingenuity And Collaboration To Help Fight Covid 19

Dr. Francesco Donatelli, an Italian-trained Associate Professor at the Department of Anesthesia at the Montreal General Hospital was searching for help designing and manufacturing a non-invasive oxygen therapy hood, modelled on the helmets used by doctors in Italy, to treat the country’s devastating number of COVID-19 patients. The helmet used in Italy’s hospitals is made of lightweight, rigid plastic. It can be used for non-invasive ventilation and CPAP therapy (continuous positive airway pressure). Patients who wear the hood are still able to speak, drink and listen. Since the respiratory

Machines Italia Magazine Volume VIII: Italian Solutions Power Up North American Manufacturing Growth

As the North American economy continues to mount a recovery and sales begin to show steady growth, manufacturers are investing once again in new plants and equipment. Although millions of manufacturing jobs were lost over the past dozen years, we see companies starting to hire again to meet renewed demand. In this new post-recession era, the bywords of manufacturing success are innovation, cost reduction, greater throughput, and improved quality. North American manufacturers are looking to Italian machinery firms to help them hone their competitive edge. Due to pricing pressures, the trend for