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Type of Institution:
University and Technical Engineering and Research Center
Contact person:
Politecnico di Milano - In Collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency and FEDERMACCHINE
Student Programs:
Italian Technology Awards (every year)
Collaboration Agreement:
In collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency and FEDERMACCHINE
Affiliate Programs:
Scholarship programs:

The history of technology, inventions, machinery, instruments, in Italy is a history of excellence. It is the history of creativity and ingenuity, of that mark of geniality, which has always identified the country and projects it into the future.

Today the future transcends boundaries more than ever: exponential acceleration of research and technology on the one hand and pushed toward internationalization on the other. A future in which the specifications and the identity and the abilities of the country increase to their maximum, their value consisting of innovation, well being, and opportunity for all.

Machines Italia (a project by the Italian Trade Agency), in collaboration with Federmacchine, has created the initiative Italian Technology Awards (ITA) with the aim of spreading and sharing the successes of Italian technology in foreign markets. This year's program will run from July 3rd to the 16th, comprised of mechanical engineering students and faculty from the US, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and India.

The first week will be a full-week certification program offered by Italy's leading mechanical engineering and research center, Polytechnic of Milan, while the second week will be comprised of visiting companies within the ITA participating sectors.

The Polytechnic program will be comprised of engineering elements, global business strategies and practices, mechanical design and engineering, selected tours of leading Italian research centers, and in-depth discussion and course work with engineering students and professors from other countries which are part of this international award program. Upon conclusion of the second week, students will be awarded a certification of completion by the University.

Both the faculty and student experiences will offer strong opportunities for educational and career enhancements.