connecting north american buyers to italian manufacturers

Machines Italia actively participates in numerous activities and programs with North American universities,
trade associations and government agencies through International fairs, exhibitions, congresses, and communications.

24/23 Feb/Feb 2021/2022

ON DEMAND Machines Italia Webinar - a Post COVID-19 Scenario

ON DEMAND Machines Italia Webinar - a Post COVID-19 Scenario

Agriculture and Farm Machinery

11/18 Mar/Mar 2021/2022

ON DEMAND Webinar Meccanica italiana in Nord America

Agriculture and Farm Machinery

01/01 Jun/Jun 2021/2022


New Administration. New Policies. Hear how they'll affect U!

ON DEMAND Webinar: The USA and the Post- COVID Perspectives for the Machinery & Systems Industry

18/20 Jan 2022

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Come visit 12 Italian Leading Companies

Italy @ World of Concrete 2022

Construction and Earthmoving Machinery

05/08 Apr 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Global Tile & Stone Experience!

Coverings: Showcasing Tile + Stone 2022

Ceramics Machinery & Equipment

23/26 Apr 2022

Columbus, Ohio, USA

The show for "founding" Italian manufacturing solutions

CastExpo & Metalcasting Congress 2022

Foundry & Metallurgical Machinery

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Machines Italia is a project by the Italian Trade Agency

Italy’s government agency for trade and development, to provide local manufacturers access to the latest automation and technological innovations available by Italian solution providers across diverse industries.

Italian companies embrace strategic core compentencies of design, creativity and innovation; allowing global manufacturers to thrive by utilizing Italian-made machinery and technology. Machines Italia serves as a comprehensive resource for not only manufacturers but private, public and academic institutions which can benefit from establishing partnerships and agreements with Italian manufacturers and associations.

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The Machines Italia Magazine serves as a premier resource and contact destination both on the web and throughout the world illustrating how Italian Machinery and solution providers can help revitalize North American manufacturing and productivity.
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View the latest videos posted by Machines Italia and Italian Manufacturing Companies showing how Italian Machinery and Italian innovation translate into increased productivity.
Download free PDFs and free mini-series showing Italian Manufacturers' Innovations.
Italian Technology Award

The Competition

Where Italian Technology Award (ITA) participants can meet, exchange ideas, find out about new technologies.

Italian Technology Awards Alumni Group

The Italian Technology Award is a competition for students in technical studies from major universities around the world. Winners receive a FREE trip to Italy, one week training at leading Italian Universities and visits to innovative Italian companies.


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