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Today, more then ever it is essential that manufacturers who look to maintain their respective leadership have the essential solutions and know-how—which Italian companies can readily provide, to help them maintain long term growth and prosperity.

About sectors

The Italian Trade Agency, via its Machines Italia project, accomplishes cohesion by creating a robust national innovation ecosystem anchored by

Sixteen Italian
Machinery-Manufacturing Associations Representing Over 10,000+ Companies.

Each manufacturer association focuses on a distinct machinery sector providing in depth knowledge and expertise which are the following:


Italy's industrial machinery, equipment, and parts industry represent a fifth of all Italian global exports.

Every day, many Fortune 100 companies ranging from agricultural to aeronautics, use Italian machinery and technology to maintain their competitive edge. Flexibility, creativity, and innovation are the three most cited reasons by end-users for why they chose Italian machinery and technology.

Italy is home to hundreds of small and medium manufacturing companies where company owners typically manage the day-to-day operations. This feature yields ultimate working flexibility, quick response times, and unparalleled attention to developing tailor-made solutions for customers.
Italians are known for their creativity, and not just in food and fashion. They hold a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking in design and engineering. Since the days of Leonardo da Vinci, Italians have followed the guiding principle that development can only be achieved by understanding one's needs and goals. In the manufacturing arena, this approach translates into application-specific solutions to meet customer needs.
The Italian heritage of innovation dates back centuries. Ingenuity and innovation continue to thrive within today's Italian manufacturing industry, known for its leadership in machine development, integration, and technological advancement.


Getting to know the Italian market through the Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

Learning about Italy's market and industries is the first step to identifying new business opportunities. The Italian Trade Agency, with its network of 79 offices in 65 countries around the world, provides information and assistance to foreign entities interested in establishing relationships with Italian companies.

A primer on the Italian market, including
information on Italian foreign trade,
national trade policies, current Italian
laws and regulations designed to
attract foreign investments and assist
foreign investors, and Italy's economic outlook.

Access to information on Italian companies through
specialized websites dedicated to Italy's major production sectors.

A portal to Italian companies. Foreign companies can submit offers and requests of a business development nature to a database, broken down by sector and market, enabling Italian companies to easily access and identify new proposals.

Information on trade fairs and exhibitions held in Italy throughout the year.