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ASSOFOODTEC / ASSOCOLD - Italian Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers' Association


ASSOCOLD - Quality, attractive design, crafted details, capacity for technical and design innovation, comprehensive and diversified product ranges, and an extensive distribution network are some of the attributes which have made the Italian industry the most significant benchmark for refrigeration worldwide. A long-standing success born of indisputable entrepreneurial skills and constant development efforts aimed at offering users products that are increasingly closer to the cutting edge and which meet specific standards of quality and safety with environmental awareness. ASSOCOLD is part of ASSOFOODTEC, the national association of the leading Italian companies responsible for this success, where intensive research is carried out into the major technical and economic issues relevant to the industry.

The activities of the association focus particularly on technological advances and the development of technical standards, both national and international, with the aim of supporting member firms in their efforts to satisfy a constantly changing and increasingly demanding market. On the strength of its experience and powers of representation, the association has always offered an effective contribution to the work of the leading world standards organizations through the presence of its technical experts and enjoys a close cooperation with academic and research communities. It also represents a frame of reference and acts as an advisory body in government areas for the drafting of laws governing the refrigeration sector. As regards promotion, ASSOFOODTEC provides extensive support for companies via its official presence on the international markets of greatest interest, through numerous initiatives such as participation at major trade fairs, organization of trade missions, and the dissemination of information.

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