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SO.GE.M.A. – Gruppo NARDI SpA




SO.GE.M.A. operates with success for over 40 years on production of agricultural machines for earthmoving operations. Our production includes: mounted furrow ploughs, trailed furrow ploughs, reversible ploughs, subsoilers, combined multipurpose machines, front loaders, rear loaders, angledozers, rippers and mounted backhoes.

Constant tests and the...

TECNOAGRI Srl di Malpassi Graziano & C.

Emilia Romagna


Backhoes for earthmoving machinery.




Telehandlers – Self-loading truck mixers – Off-road cranes

Vibrowest Italiana SRL

Vibrowest Italiana SRL


Industrial vibrating sieves and separators

Vibrowest traces its roots to 1963 becoming an agent for a U.S. manufacturer of vibrating screens. The original group introduced vibrating sieve technology to the...

VM Motori SpA

Emilia Romagna


VM Motori was founded in 1947. The Company is specialised in the design and production of diesel engines for a variety of uses.


VM Motori's engines were initially targeted towards the industrial, agricultural and marine industries. It was the development of a new range of state of the art, turbocharged diesel engines in the mid-seventies...