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Air Clean Srl


Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs environmental rehabilitation plants, air depollution and related processes, biogas upgrading and purification, solid waste treatments plants, for industrial and municipal sector.

Our air and biogas treatment solutions include biological and proprietary bio-technologies and “conventional” chemical/physical technologies (Chemical washing, Activated carbon, Wet dust and Dry dust removal systems, Composting plant, etc.).

Regarding solid waste treatment plant the range starts from anaerobic digestion and biodrying production to very simple biodrying systems and completely automatic bridge cranes and aerated platforms.

Distributes green hydrogen electrolyzers ideal for power accumulation, including equipment for CO2 methanation and for hydrogen and oxygen production into WWTP.

The access to the latest technologies and continuous research allows Air Clean to provide the best solution for every application, by using stand alone or multy-stage technologies.

AKK Service Srl


AAK Service Srl is a company specialized in the realization and production of firing installations and drying plants for the brick industry. The choice of favoring applied technology and the resultant and continuous commitment to innovation, allowed AKK to gain a notable professional level both in Italy and abroad.
Their Materials, equipment supplied:Materials, equipment supplied:planning and production activity is divided in three main sectors, including:

  • The realization of firing installations fuelled with liquid or gaseous combustibles
  • The construction of ventilation plants for drying-rooms
  • The realization of thermal rooms independently from the type of combustibles employed

In all the plants they constructed, AKK always searches the ideal balance between the utilization of highly reliable instruments and material and low realization costs. The cooperation with building companies leaders in the sector worldwide permits AKK to offer at competitive prices a great variety of accessories and original components for brick industry such as, among others: refractory products, electrical motors, fans, electromechanical material, automatism, inverters.


Emilia Romagna

The group was formed in 2008 from the merger of three Italian companies that are historic in the sector: Assostampi Ltd. (since 1971), Sassuolo Mould Company Ltd., (since 1962) and FIL Ltd (since 1996). The experience developed over forty years of synergies can reach extremely high quality objectives, to offer a complete range of products, customized to the needs of the client, and a search for innovative solutions and cutting edge responses to pressing problems. The productions are spread over 4 plants, which have a total of 45 employees highly trained and motivated. The group aims to increase the share of the domestic market by relying on quality, service and research, and at the same time increase its presence in foreign markets in the form of direct presence. The "core values" of the company are: Safety at Work, Quality and Service.

Affiliated Companies:

Saati Spa, Appiano Gentile, Como, Italy (Telephone: +39 031 9711)



Bedeschi is one of the oldest Companies in Europe for heavy clay, bulk handling and crushing equipment manufacturing. In the very beginning of this century they succeeded in building our first extruder, being awarded with the gold Medal at Turin International Exhibition in 1909, since then the Company experienced a constant and steady growth until now. Today the fourth generation is managing the Company.

Bedeschi's product range includes today their traditional machinery and plants for bricks and tiles manufacturing, a complete line of machines for raw material preparation in the cement industry and a large variety of bulk materials handling equipment for many different fields of application.

Bedeschi sales are spread all over the world with an export rate of more than 90%, with a subsidiary in the US for the overseas markets. Bedeschi can provide a wide variety of services connected to their machines; their Engineering and Large project management Service is able to offer complete turnkey solutions from the green field.

Affiliated Companies:

CTP Team srl, Milano (Telephone: +39 02 24104834)

Bevini Srl

Emilia Romagna

Bevini Systems Srl has been researching material handling solution since 1973, as well as designing and constructing dependable, efficient systems suited to the specific requirements of a number of different industrial sectors. Benvini System's experience and the ongoing research of its engineering staff enables the firm to offer complete solutions featuring the latest technologies, with an high flexibility for adaptation to a plant's actual needs and rapid response to new developments in production. Bevini Srl has been distinguished by its attention to customer service ever since it began, providing a complete service that begins with preliminary consultation and feasibility studies and proceeds with design and construction until to start-up. Bevini System's expert technicians supply complete ongoing post-sales assistance services, training personnel in the operation of the system and performing regular and extraordinary maintenance


Emilia Romagna

Within Italian plant engineering for the tile manufacturing industry, BMR is a leading company that has been producing end-of-line technologies for the production of ceramic tiles for over 40 years. The company employs roughly 65 staff members, distributed between the headquarters in Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) and the factory where polishing machines are produced in Schio (Vicenza). BMR, directed by Paolo Sassi, generates 45% of its turnover from the Italian tile manufacturing district. Its main reference customers are major tile manufacturing groups in Italy and abroad, especially on the marketplaces of Russia, Brazil and the Far East of Asia. This last area, which before now was overruled by Chinese competitors, is growing strongly, which further confirms the technological primacy of BMR.

Bonfiglioli Consulting

Emilia Romagna
Bonfiglioli Consulting Srl., founded in 1973, is an international company with an HQ in Italy, and 4 international subsidiaries of its own in the US, Brazil, Vietnam, and India.
It is one of Europe’s leading management consultancies and the global leader for Lean & Six Sigma.
Its consultants advise large and medium-sized companies worldwide in the Pharma & Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Retail, Financial Services, and Public Sector.
Its offices in Italy and abroad, and the partnership with Cordence Worldwide allow it to offer its customers up-to-date and cutting-edge know-how.
With more than 100 consultants in 10 offices around the world, it has developed comprehensive experience in a wide range of products and sectors.

C.M.F Technology SpA

Emilia Romagna

C.M.F. Technology has designed and set up industrial plants and automated systems all over the world for over 35 years. The company operates as a core business in plant engineering for the ceramic industry and is currently one of the company leaders in the sector.

C.M.F. Technology has a work force of over 60 people, made up of a technical staff with specialized professional experience. This has given C.M.F a top performance company structure able to follow all the stages of a project first hand: initial engineering for plant designs, complete mechanical and electrical planning, creation of personalized control and supervision software, construction and assembly of all the main mechanical parts, direct set-up of electrical plants up to the final stages of starting up and testing, plus certification for all products in all parts of the world and remote assistance via Internet.

C.M.F. Technology has a modern research and development workshop complete with various pilot plant engineering set-ups allowing them to develop processes and new up-to-date plant engineering solutions. The company also offers technological training or personalized research programs for its customers. The strong point of C.M.F. Technology is certainly its maximum production flexibility which, combined with its high sensitivity towards the ever-growing and different needs of customers and the markets, has always aimed at constant up-dating and product diversification as well as creating personalized plant engineering even outside its sector.

Conventions and scientific technical collaborations with important institutes (universities, MIUR workshops) further qualify the services of C.M.F. Technology .

Ceramco SpA

Emilia Romagna

With a birthplace in the most fertile terrain in the world of the ceramic industry , Ceramco’s technical development marked the transition from the light to heavy industry. Ceramco was founded in Sassuolo and has since become a leader in the Italian market for producing chemical accessories for the ceramics industry. Their research, technical innovations, and elation, can be added to their vastly all around experience that has been gained in the territory Ceramco is in. To keep loyal to this policy, Ceramco has joined forces with the German group Zschimmer & Schwarz, who is a world leader in the production of specialty chemicals for the industry. The pooling of ideas with specialized technicians within these groups has led to a fruitful exchange of experiments that has strengthened Ceramco’s know-how.

Affiliated Companies:

  • Zschimmer & Schwarz, Postfach 2179, 56108, Lahnstein, Germany, (Telephone: +49 2621 12-0), info [at]


Emilia Romagna

Cerchimica proposes itself on the ceramic market as manufacturer of Mediums for screen printing and Additives for colors, glazes and tile bodies in general. The productive center is located in the heart of Sassuolo’s ceramic district, availing itself of the services of skilled technicians, and making itself able to guarantee fast services in order to meet the costumer’s needs. Inside the company there is a research and development laboratory in order to guarantee innovation and products of first quality. Cerchimica uses high quality raw materials from Europe which are certified and monitored. The flexible structure of Cerchimica makes it in a position to customize products according to customer demand.