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ABM COMPANY Srl manufactures slicing machines and meat grinders. Most recently, ABM was selected from among 20,000 companies in Lombardy and awarded the Gold Medal for Foreign Commerce by the Chamber of Commerce in Milan. The award was given to ABM due to the high quality of their products and their demand in Europe and around the world.



Founded in 1983, Agrex Spa is a company that for many years has specialized in the design and manufacture of modular, compact type MILLING PLANTS for milling a variety of grains (Hard and Soft Wheat, Corn, Spelt-Tricum Spelta, Buckwheat, Kamut, Oat, Millet, Rye, Rice, Barley, Chickpea) to obtain high quality food flours and semolinas, with a grinding capacity range from 7 to 150 ton/24h.
Agrex Mill though requiring minimal floor space (20 to 200 square meters) and building height (max. 7,5 meters), incorporates all aspects of the flow including cleaning, conditioning, degermination (for maize), milling and packing: everything in only one floor of simple, small-scale systems, including existing ones. Clearly, this reduces the cost of any building work. For its characteristics, our milling plants are ideal also to be used to produce organic products (whole wheat, white and different blended flours). 

Air Clean Srl


Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs environmental rehabilitation plants, air depollution and related processes, biogas upgrading and purification, solid waste treatments plants, for industrial and municipal sector.

Our air and biogas treatment solutions include biological and proprietary bio-technologies and “conventional” chemical/physical technologies (Chemical washing, Activated carbon, Wet dust and Dry dust removal systems, Composting plant, etc.).

Regarding solid waste treatment plant the range starts from anaerobic digestion and biodrying production to very simple biodrying systems and completely automatic bridge cranes and aerated platforms.

Distributes green hydrogen electrolyzers ideal for power accumulation, including equipment for CO2 methanation and for hydrogen and oxygen production into WWTP.

The access to the latest technologies and continuous research allows Air Clean to provide the best solution for every application, by using stand alone or multy-stage technologies.


The company AMB srl from Bologna (Italy) is a manufacturer of a variety of meat processing machinery, including: meat mincers, refrigerated mincers, automatic mixer-grinders, patty formers, mixers, fillers, slicers, bonesaws, chop cutters and other kinds of food processing machinery such as potato peelers, mussel cleaners, vegetable cutters and cheese graters etc. Our company has successfully worked in this sector for almost 40 years; we sell our products direct to our customers or through our wide network of distributors, located not only in Italy but in many other countries around the world. Our products have all of their European certifications and are produced according to European standards of security and hygiene.


Ascon is an international leader in the manufacturing and sale of industrial temperature and process controls, data acquisition hardware and software. Additional products include transmitters, valves, actuators, SCRs, recorders, and process indicators.


Production and marketing of analysis and monitoring equipments for milk and derivatives (electronics balances, centrifuges, cryoscopes, fat, proteins and somatic cells measuring devices, bacteria control instruments, glassware, laboratory furniture).


Bassanina specializes in manufacturing equipment for bread, pastry and confectionary production. A wide model range covers all the stages of technological process: dough-mixing, dough-moulding, proving, baking. Therefore it can satisfy the requirements not only of those customers who would like to modernize or re-equip their production but also of those who aim to add equipment to the operating enterprise. Our company is especially proud of its ovens: rotary and deck steam pipes. The high quality of our ovens was the particular feature that allowed us to achieve international success and gives our clients the opportunity to manufacture high-quality products that meet modern requirements. The technology used by the company, accompanied by its policies of development and modernization, allows it to be flexible and keep production costs down. Thus Bassanina is able to offer its clients product innovation and high and constant quality. Thanks to this individual approach and continuous modernization of the construction we managed to develop and launch into production rotary ovens optimal in price and quality. These ovens satisfy our potential customers with its output, appearance (dimensions and design), quality of the baked products and, certainly, price. In spite of the success already achieved and the expansion of the geography of sales, Bassanina is not going to rest on what it has achieved, constantly improving its products and creating cutting-edge models for our clients to produce goods of extremely high quality. Bassanina, in this process of reinforcement and consolidation of the corporate vision directed at customer service and product quality, has completed the certification procedure according to the Vision standard in the prospect of steady corporate development and as a response to the need to increase its production, storage, sales and distribution capacity.

Bonfiglioli Consulting

Emilia Romagna
Bonfiglioli Consulting Srl., founded in 1973, is an international company with an HQ in Italy, and 4 international subsidiaries of its own in the US, Brazil, Vietnam, and India.
It is one of Europe’s leading management consultancies and the global leader for Lean & Six Sigma.
Its consultants advise large and medium-sized companies worldwide in the Pharma & Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Retail, Financial Services, and Public Sector.
Its offices in Italy and abroad, and the partnership with Cordence Worldwide allow it to offer its customers up-to-date and cutting-edge know-how.
With more than 100 consultants in 10 offices around the world, it has developed comprehensive experience in a wide range of products and sectors.

C.I.A. Srl

C.I.A. Srl , produces full automatic vertical and horizontal form-fill-weigh-seal machines able to weigh and pack food and non-food products starting from the reel. Our technical department is steadily improving the quality of our products to get them more up-date and to comply with customer's demand. Our production is aimed to shorten delivery time and our Sales Dpt. is constantly in touch with customers to give all information needed.(spoken languages English, French, German, Spanish). Our technical Dpt. stays with pleasure at your disposal to suggest solutions and overcome problems. You can rely on C.I.A. -so young and dynamic- when you decide to know the world of packaging.


C.R.M. is a world leader for the manufacturing automatic and semi-automatic industrial slicing and cutting machines for processing and slicing animal and vegetable origin food products.

It has a unity production with nr. 24 staff in Verderio Superiore (LC), spread out over permises of 6000 mqs., manufactures all of its own products, performing all necessary production functions and related services, autonomously. In over 25 years, the technical experience allowes CRM to be an ideal partner in realization of a special machines too, not standard.

C.R.M. today is able to meet all requirements of the meat processing industry with industrial cutters and slicers and capable of eliminating the various problems encountered in the cutting process as well as guaranteeing quality and cost effectiveness.

The business chioces, have brought the C.R.M. to place side by side to the products of base, a series of integrable accessories and the commercialization of Italian and foreign machines, to offer a productive system completely personalized in comparison to the necessities of production of the great distribution and the meat industry.

The staff made of qualified technicians, assures complete maintenance and service assistance in Italy and abroad, the technical office is at disposition of the customers for all necessary information on the optimal use of the products and the accessories CRM.