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Rollmac- Ge.Ma.Ta SpA


Ge.Ma.Ta Spa located in Trissino (Vi) is the world leader in the production of machinery and complete lines for the finishing of leather, similar leather, bonded leather, rubber and paper. Thanks to the experience acquired in the field of roller-coater machinery it has developed a total brand new system to easily enamel, varnish and finish float glass sheets in continuous operation.

Now Ge.Ma.Ta. is widening its line of products by launching drying and cooling tunnels, transport units and equipment for the glass sheets handling. These products are placed in to the market under the Rollmac brand name, a company took over by Ge.Ma.Ta Spa in 2003, formerly a manufacturer of glass coating machines as well as complete lines for the coating and upgrading of textiles and synthetic materials.

The Gemata/Rollmac technology allows easy working systems, perfect application homogeneity on sheets with minimum dimensions (15 x 15 mm) till up to very large ones (2500 x 6000 mm) and the possibility to apply both the traditional ceramic and organic paints as well the silicon ones. Rollmac features qualified technicians and a laboratory with machines and cylinders which are at the customer’s disposal to perform any test and demonstration.

Year established:
Company applications:

Index of products:

  • Painting machines
  • Machines and systems for enamelling
  • Drying furnaces