Vibrowest Italiana SRL


Industrial vibrating sieves and separators

Vibrowest traces its roots to 1963 becoming an agent for a U.S. manufacturer of vibrating screens. The original group introduced vibrating sieve technology to the italian market. From this original organization, a new organization was formed to produce, distribute and improve vibrating sieve technology. This group incorporated as Vibrowest Italiana S.r.l. in 1972. Since that time Vibrowest has been the leader in sieving technology and innovation. With high quality construction and cutting edge technology Vibrowest is the market leader in Italy,  and is know worldwide for high quality, innovative vibratory sieving solutions.
The research and development staff at Vibrowest is constantly striving to produce the most sophisticated sieving technology to meet the high tolerance demands of modern production techniques. The engineers on staff at Vibrowest are always looking for ways to bring solutions to customers that are economical, with a high service life along with the highest throughput possible.

Our vibrating sieves match the various needs in the field of sieving, filtrating, separation and classification of solid/liquid in the varied industrial processing. Vibrating sieves, check screening machines, tumbler screening machines and vibrating sifters are manufactured in our plant by skilled workers and attempt the diverse requirements of the industrial plants and contractors.