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Event date:
24 - 27 September 2024
Trade show:
Tecna 2024
Rimini Expo Center
Emilia Romagna
Local government:
Italian Trade Agency Chicago USA
Italian Exhibition Group SpA
Organizer Region:
Emilia Romagna
Organizer Address:
Via Emilia 155
Rimini RN 47921 Italy

Tecna 2024

Tecna represents the global meeting point for technology and innovation for the production of all types of surfaces and materials, from the most traditional to the most innovative (ceramics, natural and reconstructed stone, wood and parquet, glass, laminates, concrete and metal), where exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet national and international buyers from all sectors in the surfaces industry.
With more than 40% of exhibitors and 50% of visitors coming from abroad, Tecna is a global reference point for innovation and technology, an international hub for development in surfaces. For 2022 facts and figures click HERE.