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Machines Italian and the Italian Trade Commission - ITA in collaboration with ASSOMAC, the National Association of Technology Manufacturers for Shoes, Leather Goods and Tannery, organized a series of  three webinars.   The webinars that are hosted on the ITA’s Smart 365 Fair web platform, aim to promote Italian excellence and know-how  in the leather and tanning industry, to…
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machines | Italy | italian | Mexico | AMAPLAST | Plastics | Rubber | processing | moulds | Production
 Machines Italia - Italian Trade Agency Mexico and AMAPLAST, the Italian Plastics And Rubber Processing Machinery And Moulds Manufacturers' Association, will be hosting a webinar in February 2021 focused on plastic and rubber processing technologies, industry trends and the latest in innovations. Selected Italian technology providers will be participating in the  b2b sessions of the…
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The technology training centers were created with the principal objective of positioning Italy within those countries in economic ascension. They not only illustrate Italy as a dependable provider of machinery, but as well as a qualified intermediator in training and project development on specification. Italian capital goods represent the best of what's "Made in Italy" to the world market.…