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Think Italy, Think Innovation - MIT Technology Review Article

When you think of Italy, what first comes most to mind? Most likely, it's some combination of food, fashion, fine wine, and fast cars. But Italy is equally important for its leadership in machinery, advanced manufacturing, and - most recently - robotics. Find out more about Italy's leadership in these areas in the piece published in the January/February 2016 MIT Technology Review magazine.

2015 EmTech Conference

The Italian Trade Agency-Chicago - via its Offices in Chicago and Rome, Italy is partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( and its publication MIT Technology Review Magazine for the University’s EmTech Conference program. This year’s conference takes place November 2-4, 2015 at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the conference activities have identified the most important new technologies and deciphering their practical impact on the global manufacturing marketplace, the Italian Trade Agency, together with Italy’s FEDERMACCHINE is bringing a number

Italy Addresses the Needs and Concerns Facing the Landscape of Global Manufacturing

CHICAGO – The Italian Trade Commission's Chicago Office (ITC), represented through its project Machines Italia, will be one of the major sponsors of the World Business Forum 2010 (October 5 th and 6 th). On the second day of the Forum (October 6th) during the official program itself, Dr. Luca Majocchi, former CEO of Unicredit, one of Italy's major commercial banking institutions, and currently managing director of Meccano SpA as well as an advisor to FEDERMACCHINE (Italy's National Federation of Associations of Manufacturers of Capital Goods Intended for Industrial and Handicrafts