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Fabrizio Cattaneo named new Gimav director

The announcement naming the new director was made Monday, February 3rd: “Cattaneo’s lengthy, deeply rooted experience with associations and Confindustria convinced us that he was the right person for GIMAV,” stated GIMAV President, Michele Gusti. Taking office immediately, he replaces Laura Biason, who left the association at the end of 2019. Cattaneo will assist the Board and President Gusti in guiding the glass processing machinery manufacturers association along a pathway of international outreach, strewn with some very significant challenges and events. Cattaneo’s background includes an

ASSIOT Joins The Machines Italia Family

ASSIOT is the Italian Association of Gears and Transmission Systems Manufacturers. Founded in 1971, ASSIOT’s membership is now 100 companies strong, which represent 70% of the Italian power transmissions manufacturing industry, and approximately 9,000 employees. ASSIOT became the16th Machines Italia partner associations. Now the Italian Trade Commission’s sponsored project embraces 16 key industrial technology and machinery sectors. For further information on ASSIOT and the power transmissions industry, please contact assiot [at] (subject: Machines%20Italia%20E-newsletter%20) .


Italian association for mechatronic technologies and components for hydraulic power, power transmission, intelligent automation and control of industrial products and processes. FEDERTEC was born in 2019 from the merger of ASSIOT - Italian Association of Manufacturers of Gears and Transmission Elements - and ASSOFLUID - Italian Association of Producers of Hydraulic Systems. FEDERTEC has 250 members and represents one of the most important industrial sectors in Italy and worldwide, with a production of 11.5 billion euros (60% of which is exported) and 55,000 employees.


Federtec (x-ASSIOT) - Italian Association of Mechatronic Technologies and Components for Fluid Power, Power Transmission, Smart Automation and Control of Industrial Products and Processes. After the establishment of FEDERTEC in 2019 thanks to the merger of ASSIOT (Italian Transmission Elements and Gears Manufacturers Association) and ASSOFLUID (Italian Fluid Power Association), also FNDI (National Federation of Industrial Distribution) has been incorporated into FEDERTEC from April 2022, adding a new piece to the mechatronic technologies chain. FEDERTEC has 280 member companies and represents

ITALIAN TECH WEEK: Small & Nimble Manufacturers are Global Problem Solvers - Machine Design Article

Tens of thousands of engineers and technical managers from across Europe gathered in Northern Italy last month for a series of events loosely termed Technology Exhibition week. These included Fluidtrans Compomac (fluid power), Mechanical Power Transmission and Motion Control, Plast (plastics and plastics-processing machinery), Xylexpo (woodworking machinery) — all held in Milan — and Lamiera (metal-forming equipment), held in Bologna. Widespread interest in Italian components, machines, and technology belies the country’s current economic conditions. It’s no secret that Italy is caught up in