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ASSOFOODTEC / UCMA - Italian Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers' Association


UCMA represents the most articulated product reality as the productions of member companies refer to production areas ranging from technologies for the 'white art', milling industry, bread, and pasta to those for the production of oil, pastry, and dairy products.

These production sectors include Ovens, machines and plants for bread, biscuits, pastry, and pizza; Machines and plants for mills, feed mills, and silos; Machines and plants for pasta and food extruders; Machines and plants for fruit and vegetable processing; Machines and plants for the oil industry; Machines and plants for the wine industry Machines and plants for the confectionery, cocoa, chocolate industry; Machines and plants for the sugar industry; Machines and plants for the dairy industry; Machines and plants for the ice cream industry; Machines and plants for bottling and packaging food products.

The member firms offer an extensive, specialist range of products--from single machines to the most sophisticated systems for bread and other baked products, pasta, snacks, oil, etc.--significant examples of one of the most solid and lively Italian production sectors which, thanks to the high volume of exports, rank Italy as a world leader.

A natural trend towards exporting and constant challenges in markets with the most complex needs on the one hand, and the availability of significant traditional food resources on the other, have meant strong incentives for the industry in Italy to build machines able to combine respect for tradition with technologically advanced production processes.

A focus on the various elements of the world food industry scenario and the ability to provide adequate technological solutions have been translated into the key strong points of Italian production: versatility and adaptability. These are two elements that, combined with the high-quality standard, contribute to the enduring and unwavering success of Italian technologies.

UCMA, on the strength of the representative nature of its member firms and intensive work in the technical and standards, trade fair and promotional and economic and statistical fields, constitutes the most important national association and central frame of reference for all international trade operators.

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