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Agricultural machinery: the 2022 final balance confirms the stability of the sector
Sales down in last year's balance sheet for all the main types of agricultural machinery. The market downturn, to be considered partly technical after the boom of 2021, is also due to the well-known supply problems and the sharp rises in raw material prices. The demand for machinery, however, remains at high levels, thanks to public incentives. The appropriations for agricultural machinery envisaged by the PNRR are on their way.
Problems in the supply chain, the sharp rise in raw material prices and the uncertainties of the geopolitical scenario are affecting the performance of agricultural machinery, which closes 2022 with a decline compared to the record growth recorded in 2021. Registration statistics, compiled by FederUnacoma on the basis of the data provided by the Ministry of Transport, they in fact indicate a contraction for all the main categories of vehicles, starting from tractors which mark -17.1%, at the rate of 20,217 units registered.
Despite the decline in sales in 2022, FederUnacoma reports that the demand for agricultural technologies remained at high levels, benefiting among other things from public incentive tools for the purchase of machines. The comparison between the data for the past twelve months and the average trend of sales over the last five years in fact shows a positive balance for tractors, combine harvesters and telehandlers
The prospects for 2023 are still linked to the evolution of economic variables, from the price of raw materials to the costs of logistics up to the developments of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but on the Italian market - adds the builders' association - the further facilitation measures that the government is making operational in these days with the agreement of the State-Regions Conference on the allocations of the PNRR for innovation in the agricultural machinery sector, for which an organic plan is needed.

Source: FederUnacoma Press Release, February 2023