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Introducing GRAF Industries Inc.: Bringing Italian Innovation to Canada!

Exciting News Alert - Italy in Canada! 

We're thrilled to announce the opening of GRAF Industries Inc. in North America! 

"Our targets for this commercial operation are high," says Gianfranco Ferranti, Chief Executive Officer of GRAF Synergy. "This ambition is part of our DNA shared with all the companies of the GRAF INDUSTRIES group. We always aim higher and raise the bar when we see the strong possibility to demonstrate our know-how and willingness to excel."

GRAF Industries specializes in cutting-edge technology across various sectors. From GRAF Synergy's advanced machinery for windows and doors manufacturers to GRAF Gastech's complete systems for LNG compression and distribution, our offerings encompass a wide range of industries.

Located in the Toronto area, Canada, this new subsidiary is a testament to their commitment to bring the best technology from all of GRAF Industries' business units overseas. From advanced machinery to unparalleled expertise, they are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of their operations.

Stay tuned as they prepare to unveil a showroom showcasing the latest generation machines of the V-Perfect Line, offering customers firsthand experience of their cutting-edge technology.

Image Source: GRAF Industries