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AMUT North America..”Other Than That Just More Extruders!”
AMUT continues to thrive and grow in North America thanks to if focus on PET recycling and post consumer products technology. “We just started the commissioning of two new PET Recycling Plants for Post-Consumer plastics at INDORAMA ECOMEX division for their VIRGIN PET plants.” Says Anthony George, President of the North American division of the Italian AMUT Group. “Indorama is the world’s largest fabricator of PET Resin and these are the second and third that they have purchased.  The fourth is now being fabricated by us in Italy to be installed later this year in the USA.  That will bring their total capacity to about 20 Metric Tons an hour of high-quality clean r-PET with our recycling technology.  They utilize this r-PET material in their resin production plant which meets the recycled contents requirements of their clients in the production of new water soft drink bottles and packaging products.  Even surpassing California State requirements.

Additionally, we installed the fourth r-PET sheet extrusion line at our client Nu-B in Montreal.  Their 4th AMUT SHEET LINE, all four line produce sheet for thermoforming packaging application, is equipped with the EREMA Reactor which allows them to meet the requirements of FDA in the USA and Canadian Health Board for post-consumer r-PET, at 100%, in direct food contact applications.  The line produces over 1,8000 Kgs/Hr.

We also recently installed a new SUPER HEAT AMUT EXTRUDER at GreenMantra in Brantford, Ontario, which turns post-consumer plastics into high quality wax.  This AMUT EA180 mm with an L/D of 48 to 1 has many special features to take the waste plastic above the FLASH point of plastics, without any risks.  Of course, the waxing technology is a patented process which was developed by GreenMantra, where we supplied only the front section of the complete process.  So our extruders are available to accomplish these extreme goals and objectives.
Of course there is our AMUT-COMI High Speed Thermoforming line that was recently installed at THERMO-TECH in Mississauga, another arriving next month for GUYCAN, while HICKMAN FARMS in Arizona is received their second machine to produce r-PET egg cartons!  Their new sheet line is shipping at the end of the month and is similar to the Nu-B 4th line as it is also equipped with the EREMA reactor to meet FDA and CHB approval for direct food contact.”
“Other than that, just more AMUT extruders.” concludes Georges with a swagger.