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which assemblers in Mexico can increase their production in the coming years?
According to INEGI figures, in 2021, Mexico produced a total of 2,979,276 light vehicles and according to forecasts from various firms and statistical sites such as IHS Markit and Statista, in 2022 production could increase to between 3.1 and 3.4 million units, depending on market movement and the development of the global semiconductor supply crisis, which is still expected to continue throughout this year and into 2023, albeit in a more controlled manner.

Currently, there are more than 2.2 million automobiles in Mexico that are not being produced.This amount corresponds to the number of units that could be produced if 100% of the automotive production capacity installed in the 21 assembly plants located in Mexico, which together reach a total of 5.2 million units in total capacity, were used. To mention a few: Toyota and Honda in Guanajuato, BMW in San LUis Potosi' , KIA in Nuevo Loen and AUDI in Puebla.

And these numbers are only considering the current capacity of existing plants. Several assemblers still have land available to expand their operations and build new assembly plants, some of them already have plans to do so, and there is still a possibility that some new assemblers may be installed in the country in the coming years. Below, we tell you which ones they are and how much they could increase their production in the coming years.