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Artisan Excellence: Italian Machinery Behind the Delights of Top Glaciers Inc

Top Glaciers Inc, one of Canada's leading frozen dessert companies, has caused a sensation with new lines of premium ice creams, fruit sorbets and plant-based desserts. Top Glaciers Inc offers a wide range of frozen desserts, from ice cream novelties such as cones, sandwiches and bars to ice cream containers ranging from 100ml to a generous 11.4 liters. In this edition of our newsletter, we delve into their journey to success, achieved, in part, thanks to Italian machinery and technology.

Top Glaciers Inc strategically chose Italian equipment manufacturers to improve its production processes. In fact, it invested in machinery from two renowned local brands, Technogel of Bergamo and MCM of Milan. But what drove Top Glaciers Inc to this decision?

First of all, the reliability and proven experience of the Italian partners. The Italians' reputation in the art and tradition of ice cream also influenced the choice. Italy, the cradle of artisanal gelato, has not only maintained its heritage but also evolved its machinery to meet the highest standards.

The company chose Technogel and MCM's equipment through a combination of avenues, including trade shows, extensive Internet research and word-of-mouth recommendations. The heart of their business lies, in part, in their impressive range of Italian machinery.

Top Glaciers Inc already has a large arsenal of equipment, including 12 industrial freezers, 2 corrugated pumps, 2 fruit feeders, 3 complete extrusion lines, 1 pasteurization plant (for making ice cream, sorbets, and plant-based first-process mixes), and 4 flow-pack packaging machines.

"What sets the Italian machines apart is their straightforward design and intuitive interfaces. These features make operation a breeze, improving overall efficiency," says David Lambert, director of Top Glaciers Inc.

The Italian equipment impresses not only with its technological advancement but also with its ease of use. Top Glaciers Inc has experienced excellent after-sales support from both Technogel and MCM. Top Glaciers Inc's choice of Italian machinery consistently provides high quality, earning applause from customers and co-production partners. This success has led the company to commit to the purchase of a new extrusion line in the first quarter of 2024, a testament to the enduring partnership between the company and its Italian equipment manufacturers.

In the competitive world of premium frozen desserts, their journey is a testament to the eternal excellence of Italian food equipment.